Emmerdales Jeff Hordley appears to let Cain Dingles fate slip after car crash twist

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley dropped a big hint at the fate of his character Cain Dingle after shocking car crash scenes aired on Wednesday night.

The 52 year old appeared on This Morning to discuss the crash twist scene, which Cain’s feud with Al Chapman reach a violent end.

Jeff’s character looked to be in serious condition after his car was seen flipping over following the collision, and his body was left bloodied as he lay unconscious behind the wheel.

The actor remained tight-lipped on what happens next on This Morning as he said Cain was in “car chase jeopardy” — leaving host Phillip Schofield to try and draw out teasers a different way, instead about Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary plans.

“Brilliant. It’s all good. We as the cast don’t really know what’s going on. It’s being kept close to the chest of the producers,” Jeff replied, as Phillip continued to push for answers.

“You’re looking forward to that then?” The 60 year old cleverly asked.

“It’s going to be great, yeah,” Jeff let slip, as Phillip responded: “So you’re not dead!”

Realising Phil had been trying to catch him out, Jeff laughed and looked impressed.

“You’re not dead tonight then are you?” Phil repeated the question.

“There’s no way they’re going to kill you," to which Jeff responded: “You never know.”

This week's action-packed Emmerdale has seen Al accuse Cain of toying with his his car in a bid to create a crash – but will Cain be the one to die?

Trying to eek more information out of Jeff, Phil continued: “Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw confirmed ‘something big would happen that would change the dynamic between Cain and Al forever.

“You can’t have a dynamic if one of you're dead," he pointed out.

Jeff then replied: “Correct, so she’s let the cat out of the bag there hasn’t she?”

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