Eric Knowles age: How old is Bargain Hunts Eric Knowles?

Bargain Hunt: Expert analyses Winston Churchill bunny toy

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Bargain Hunt is back on BBC One and the fan-favourite antiques show features an array of presenters. In today’s repeat episode, Eric Knowles will find out the history of the spoon, as Stephanie Connell and Raj Bisram help the teams. has all you need to know about how old Eric Knowles is.

How old is Bargain Hunt’s Eric Knowles?

Eric Knowles is an antiques expert who is chairman of The Hoard Ltd, a specialist antiques business.

He is also known for his roles as a TV presenter and has hosted antiques tours across the country.

Eric was born in Lancashire in February 1953 and he is 68 years old.

The expert specialises in ceramics and glass, and one of his first jobs was at the London auction house, Bonhams.

He worked as a porter in the ceramics department and eventually worked his way up to head of department.

The expert has recently opened a gallery called The Pantiles Arcade in The Corn Exchange on The Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

He may be known for his role on Bargain Hunt, but the presenter first made a name for himself as a ceramics expert on Antiques Roadshow.

He has also hosted Restoration Roadshow on the BBC and appears on BBC Two’s Antiques Master.

The Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts has published a number of books about Royal memorabilia and Art Deco.

Sadly his son Seb died in a car crash on a motorway back in May 2015 and he was 26 at the time.

The Bargain Hunt star said he was both proud and privileged to be hosting the series.

He said: “For me, the favourite part of the programme is meeting not only the contestants but also the guest experts who quite often are old friends with boundless knowledge.”

The expert described his career in antiques as a matter of fate, as he had been working for an engineering company.

It was his interest in history and architecture that saw him end up at Bonhams auction house.

He stayed with the company for the next 32 years and said no two days are ever the same.

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Opening up on what he would be doing had he not chosen a career in antiques, he said he could have been a radio DJ.

Offering advice to anyone looking to start a career in antiques, he said: “If you decide to follow a career in the world of antiques it is essential to totally submerge yourself into the subject and look, learn, listen and whenever possible touch.

“A real interest is needed but a passionate need to know should always lead you down the right paths.”

When bargain hunting, he said his favourite places to visit were Newark and Ardingly.

He said: “Finding a bargain is often a numbers game. It’s great to have a big volume of items to go after and a certain serving of old fashioned luck are the order of the day.”

One of his biggest profits on an item was with a Minton majolica vase, which he bought for £100. He sold it for £800 at auction.

The presenter hosts Bargain Hunt alongside Anita Manning, Charlie Ross and Natasha Raskin Sharp.

He emphasised how the show was so much fun and he encourages anyone to take part.

Bargain Hunt airs on weekdays on BBC One at 12.15pm.

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