Escape to the Chateau’s Dick in dismay over unfinished project Its on my list!

Escape to the Chateau: Dick says he 'still has many windows to do'

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In the first episode of season two of Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend, Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree were on hand to help Kate and Erik restore their 150-year-old sash windows and transform their small landing into a beautiful space for all the family to enjoy. But the challenge they were set made Dick and Angel think about the 58 windows in their own property and how they had still not finished restoring or replacing them. 

“We bought our dream house in 2019 and we’ve been slowly renovating it back into a family home after it was student accommodation for years and years,” Kate explained to Dick and Angel via a pre-recorded video. 

“We live here while we’re renovating which can be quite stressful at times.” 

“We feel your pain,” Angel commented and when she saw the video tour of the staircase and landing, she added: “That is an original feature that I would’ve bought that house for.” 

“We were hoping Dick could help us with the actual sash mechanism that’s become threadbare,” Erik aske

“Sash windows, everyone struggles to get them up and down, a well engineered sash windows should be able to go up and down balanced on your finger, it’s the balance of the weights and everything else,” Dick noted. 

“And we’d really like Angel’s help on how to use this tiny space in the best possible way. We’d like you to help us create something that is still unexpected on the landing, that would mean a lot,” Kate continued. 

Thinking about the task, Angel said: “It is big enough to create something quite special and the sash windows that’s totally [your domain].” 

Turning to her husband, Angel added: “All doable. And also, it did make me think of a lot of our windows.” 

“I know, we’ve still got a lot of windows to do, it’s on my list. Where’s my list?” Dick wondered. 

“It’s hanging up on the top of The Chateau,” his wife joked and in dismay, Dick said: “I still have my list?” 

When Dick called Kate and Erik, he got to work discussing the mechanics of the window. 

“It’s actually really, really satisfying to do up – when you fix a sash window, you know all the little hooks on the bottom of it, you’ll be able to put your fingers in it and it will go up and down like this, that is how a sash window should work,” he revealed. 

“Sash windows work using a cord which runs through a pulley. Hidden in each side of the window attached to the cord is a sausage shaped weight, which is perfectly balanced when the window is pushed up the weights come down,” those watching a home were told. 

Despite having so many windows in their castle, not one of them is a sash, so, in order to help Kate and Erik, Dick had built a sash. 

He then took those watching at home through each step for how to take the window apart and check the mechanisms. 

Angel was in awe of her husband: “How do you know all this stuff?” She asked. 

“Trial and error,” Dick began. “And having done it badly for a lot of times.” 

When Kate and Erik updated Dick and Angel on the process, Dick was left confused as to why only three weights were found – convinced there had to be a fourth to ensure the window was balanced – and asked the couple to explore. 

As for redesigning the space, Angel wanted to make it an area to relax in, read a book or have an alcoholic beverage. 

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend airs Thursday evenings at 9pm on Channel 4. 

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