Exit confirmed for Paul in Corrie as he is jailed for killing Mike?

We could be about to say goodbye to Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) on Coronation Street, as a moment of violence has terrible consequences for him in an upcoming episode.

Paul, as we know, is extremely protective of Summer (Harriet Bibby) and along with Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and Todd (Gareth Pierce) he’s been like a dad to her. So when her life is put in danger by reckless action from Mike (Tom Lorcan) in future episodes, Paul is furious.

Mike locks Summer in the nursery after she confronts him with information about his personal life which calls into question the whole persona he’s sold to her as being a potential good dad for the baby he wants her to have as surrogate for him and Esther (Vanessa Hehir).

When he locks her away she can’t get to her medication, which is in her bag, so she becomes seriously ill due to her diabetes. When Mike and Esther discover this, Esther calls an ambulance and Summer is rushed to hospital.

Trying to cover his tracks, Mike gives a false name for Summer to the hospital staff, but Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) overhears this and alerts Billy that his daughter is in hospital. When Billy and Paul arrive they see Mike by Summer’s bedside, and Paul gives chase as Mike attempts to get away.

And that’s when Paul takes his possibly fatal action. As he and Mike argue, Paul is furious that the other man’s selfish actions have put Summer at risk and he pushes him hard. Mike falls and bangs his head. Paul and Todd – who’s joined him to confront Mike – stare at Mike’s lifeless body in horror.

Is he dead?

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