Fate The Winx Saga: Is Farah Dowling Bloom’s real mother?

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Fate: The Winx Saga is streaming on Netflix and the series is based on the animated show, The Winx Club. In the live-action adaptation, Fire Fairy Bloom (played by Abigail Cowen) is discovering the truth about her birth. Fans believe the school’s headmistress, Farah Dowling (Eve Best) could be Bloom’s real mother.

Is Farah Dowling Bloom’s real mother?

The first season of Fate: The Winx Saga landed on Netflix in January 2021 and it quickly rose to the top spot in the streaming platform’s top 10.

Fans were engrossed in Bloom’s story as she was keen to find out more about her real parents.

She had discovered she was a Changeling – a fairy baby swapped with a human baby at birth – and Rosalind (Lesley Sharp) had saved her from Aster Dell.

By the end of the series, Bloom had not come any closer to finding out who her real mother and father were.

While some fans have suggested it could be Rosalind herself, others think Dowling is Bloom’s mother.

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There are a number of clues pointing to the possible family connection, as it was Dowling who headhunted Bloom.

She was aware of Bloom’s special abilities and encouraged her to take up a place at Alfea so she could train and hone in on her powers.

Farah seemed to have difficulty showing much emotion when it came to Bloom, as if something traumatic had happened between them in the past.

At the end of the series, when Bloom realised she had misunderstood Dowling, she asked to hug the headmistress.

Dowling seemed taken aback by this act of affection, but she returned the embrace with teary eyes.

MaddieClarisse took to Reddit to discuss the theory, saying: “I feel that Farah and Bloom have some sort of connection, the way Farah showed so much emotion when they hugged tells me that either she hadn’t had a hug in a while or both her and Bloom are connected.

“What if Farah is Bloom’s mom? What if Rosalind is a mind fairy and she used her magic to take the memory of being Bloom’s mom away so in the moment of the hug Farah grew emotional because she felt something towards her.

“The father would have to have the dragon flame somewhere in him for this to make logical sense but as I think that mind powers and the dragon flame are the strongest so far I feel that the merging of those to powers created Bloom’s power.”

Dowling suffered a terrible fate at the end of the series as she was seemingly killed by Rosalind, who took over as headmistress.

In the final moments, Rosalind realised Dowling was going to fight for her position and so she snapped her neck and left her to be swallowed up by the earth.

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There is no doubt Bloom and Dowling have some sort of strong connection, but whether they are related is yet to be answered.

Elenaese said: “That would be lovely to see, both characters connect really good and I’d be on board to see that happen.

“However, I interpreted the scene with the hug a little different than a mother-daughter relationship. I agree that it seems very emotional for Miss Dowling, but I thought it was because of the toxic relationship she had with her own mentor.”

Rosalind had been Dowling’s mentor and she had somewhat of a toxic relationship with her.

Dowling may be of the mindset that she did not want to turn into Rosalind and was determined to show love towards Bloom.

There are viewers who disagree with the mother-daughter theory, with marvelingtardis saying: “I think it is a cool theory, but I don’t think it is true.

“I do fully believe that Farah is meant to play some kind of mentor/maternal figure for Bloom like Silva and Sky. I just am unsure about a biological relationship.”

The fan pointed out how there is no genetic connection between Bloom and Farah in terms of their powers.

They added how Bloom would have been born right in the middle of the war against The Burned Ones and it would have been a strange time for Dowling to have a child.

Fans can only hope Dowling is still alive so they can discover the truth about Bloom’s parentage.

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