FBI International promo teases Kellett’s deadly exit

FBI International: CBS releases teaser for episode ‘Trust’

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Things have been looking up for FBI agent Jamie Kellett (played by Heida Reed) in the new season of FBI: International after she started dating hunky Hungarian Benedek Erdos (Miklós Bányai). Unfortunately, her personal life will once again come into conflict with her career when Ben is spotted at the scene of a murder next time on the thrilling CBS drama.

Kellett could be in grave danger next week when her new boyfriend is potentially unmasked as a deadly killer.

The hit FBI spin-off will be returning after a brief hiatus next week with the 15th episode of season two, Trust.

A synopsis reads: “The Fly Team lends a helping hand to the Hungarian National Police when one of their police officers is accused of murdering a couple in Budapest.

“Also, Kellett questions her relationship with Lieutenant Erdős.”

In the latest trailer, Kellett realises she may have been living a lie when Ben becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Fellow agent Andre Rains tells her: “That Hungarian cop iced a couple of people last night.”

The footage is shown of a young woman opening the door to an unseen man wielding a pistol, and shots ring out.

Later, security footage appears to show Ben leaving the building just after the double murder was committed.

“That’s your boyfriend Ben, correct?” Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) asks a shocked Kellett.

“You think the man I’m seeing is a cold-blooded killer?” she replies in the trailer’s voiceover.

Unfortunately, the trailer suggests her colleagues’ suspicions aren’t totally unfounded.

The sneak peek concludes with Kellett walking down a corridor when Ben suddenly grabs her from behind and pulls her into another room.

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She could find herself as Ben’s next target, leaving fans distraught as they say goodbye to one of the show’s most beloved characters in a brutal fashion.

However, if he’s guilty, his motives for killing the couple are still unknown and he could have a valid reason for why they needed to be taken out.

Alternatively, Ben could have been framed for the hit job and is simply grabbing Kellett for a secretive conversation after going on the run from the FBI.

Either way, things aren’t looking good for the couple so soon into their new relationship.

There are also a number of fans who still want Kellett to reignite the spark she had for her Fly Team boss Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank).

“He’s in law enforcement as well so he understands the pressure of the job,” Reed recently told TV Insider about Kellett’s new beau. “And he’s kind and thoughtful.

“It’s easier in the sense that Erdős is not her superior and there is some healthy space between them.”

But, she then teased: “I think Jamie will always have a special place in her heart for Scott.”

With her new relationship maybe about to implode, could Kellett and Forrester find their way back to each other by the end of the season?

FBI: International continues Tuesdays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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