Felicia Pearson Pays Tribute to Her 'Family' Michael K. Williams in New Video

Felicia Pearson, who portrayed chilling villain Felicia “Scoop” Pearson in The Wire after Michael K. Williams met her in a Baltimore club and brought her into the fold, has shared a tribute to the late actor, who died on Monday. The clip, which Pearson and Aiko Evans shot and edited, weaves footage of Pearson and Williams discussing their relationship, which they both describe as being “family.”

“My brother I love you forever!! I do not think forever is long enough,” the actress captioned the tribute on Instagram. In the clip, the pair discuss Pearson’s memoir, Grace After Midnight, which details Pearson’s life growing up in foster care, drug dealing, serving a prison sentence on second-degree murder charges, and overcoming time on the streets to become an actress.

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“I never thought in a thousand years that I’d be an actress, that I’d be an author. Got my own book,” Pearson says proudly.

Michael K. Williams is seen afterwards. “Y’all might think, ‘Oh, that was wonderful what I did for her. I changed her life.’ But the real deal is she changed my life.”

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Pearson describes the nature of their relationship, which went deeper than their time on The Wire. “My hard times, even in his hard times, Michael K. Williams, you know, we was there for each other. This shit goes beyond him putting me on, even introducing me to Ed Burns, David Simon, Nina — this shit go beyond.”

“It’s family, it’s family first, man. It ain’t about new friends, whatever, it’s about loyalty,” Pearson adds. “You know, who be in your corner I mean when times get hard. And we was there for each other. In his hard times, he going what he going through, and my hard times. You know, and I love you for that.”

Williams also referred to Pearson as family, saying he had never met anyone that was “more real, more loyal, more loving.”

“That’s my little sister and I love her to death. Man, I’m so honored, I’m so blessed, I’m so grateful to say I know you and the real deal is I thank you, because you could’ve just threw my number in the garbage,” he says in the video. “But she trusted me, and because of that trust, I get to say that I’m a part of her life. I get to say I’m a part of her legacy. I get to say that I knew her when. And that’s the blessing, that’s why I’m blessed. My life is richer because I know her.”

It ends with a photo of the actor with the words “In loving memory of Michael Williams.”

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