Game of Thrones' Biggest Celebrity Fans, from Reese Witherspoon to Busy Philipps

This Big Little Lies star is all for a BLL and GoT crossover and fans are here for it!

“I’m just saying… she’d fit in really well in Monterey #BigLittleLies #Monterey6 @IAMLenaHeadey @HBO,” Witherspoon tweeted, alongside a photo of the Monterey five and a photoshopped image of Cersei Lannister.

The tweet went viral and fans chimed in with their support.

“PLEASE… we NEED to see a cersei versus renata red wine fueled fight,” one Twitter user commented.

“PLEASE ADOPT HER,” another one added.

The actress and weekly GoT Twitter commentator praised Arya Stark for her character’s development and the journey she has taken on the show.

“The #AryaStark journey is up there with Odysseus, Luke Skywalker, you name it,” Banks tweeted, comparing the youngest Stark daughter to two other famous figures who had to go on similiar journeys to battle evil and uncover their own personal truths.

The Single Parents star has his own theory on how to get rid of Queen Cersei Lannister and he’s outlined his strategy in a tweet.

“Why am I a better strategist than everyone on Game of Thrones?” he wrote before unveiling his own genius plan via hashtag.


The former soccer star and massive Thrones fan got a very special surprise birthday message from Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth, that blew him away.

“I can’t believe this ?” Beckham wrote alongside the video clip, in which Christie stated: “I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours if need be.”

“AMAZING !!” Beckham exclaimed as Christie ended her video message by saying, “Happy birthday David, from Brienne of Tarth.”

The Modern Family star takes her GoT watch parties to the next level. If you’re not wrapped in a Jon Snow blanket, cutting into a Thrones cake with an actual iron throne on top with dragon scales surrounding the bottom or posing in a regal fur coat holding a goblet with grapes overflowing from the top, then you’re just not doing it right. The star even got a food truck for her GoT party so her family and friends could fuel up before the start of the show. Now, that’s true fan comittment.

Sansa Stark fans have a new king — or should we say queen? Jonas showed his support for fiancée Sophie Turner and the return of the HBO series by posting this hilarious clip of himself dressed as Turner’s iconic character, Sansa Stark.

In the video, the 29-year-old singer is wearing a long red wig and a floor-length regal blue dress with the GoT theme song blasting in the background. After seeing Jonas in full character, we think he could definitely stand in as a body double.

The host of Busy Tonight was just as psyched as the rest of world to tune into the season 8 premiere. The late night show’s social team tweeted out a gif of Philipps and GoT’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s reactions to the dramatic first episode and Phillpps’ face says it all. The host retweeted the tweet and commented, “Honestly, I should have actually been in GOT, TBH.”

Washington celebrated the show’s big return by tweeting, “Yes!!!! I’m sooooooooo happy you’re back!” The actress followed up her enthusiastic tweet with a Boomerang of herself dancing in excitement with a “Mother of Dragons” shirt on.

Don’t be the one to disturb superfan Legend when GoT is on. The singer had to lock wife Teigen and friend Jen Atkin out of his watch party so that he and Atkin’s husband Mike Rosenthal could watch the season 8 premiere in peace. 

“The boys locked us out. they won’t let us watch #GoT because we talk too much,” Teigen wrote in a tweet with a video of herself successfully breaking into the room with a scissor. 

Will Teigen and Atkin be invited to next week’s watch party? … Probably not.

To say Shepard and Bell are major Game of Thrones fans would be a massive understatement. The two have no problem flaunting their love for the fantasy series — in fact, they’ll take any chance they get to do so!

The couple attended the season 6 premiere party decked out in GoT shirts that read, “Stark in the streets. Wildling in the sheets.” They released a Game of Thrones-themed music video and Bell even wore a GoT dragon costume on the set of The Good Place. Their fandom knows no bounds. 

Jesse Lee Soffer channeled Jon Snow on the set of Chicago P.D. back in January. 

Ed Sheeran loved the hit HBO series so much that he manged to make a cameo on the show. His dream came true when he appeared in season 7 as a singing Lannister soldier. Though he only popped up in one episode, his character was certainly memorable (and controversial!). 

According to Daenerys Targaryen herself, the musical power couple own a dragon egg used on the GoT set. “Apparently Jay Z bought one for Beyonce. I don’t know,” Emilia Clarke told Harper’s Bazaar.

The Queen of Pop might be one of Game of Thrones‘ earliest celebrity fans. In 2014, she channeled Mother of Dragons Dany to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim.

“Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens! ##certainty,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing the festive snapshot of her look.

During an episode of the rapper’s webshow on the GGN Network (Double G News Network), Snoop Dogg got into a deep conversation with Seth Rogen about his love for the show.

“I f— with the Game of Thrones,” he said. “That’s my s—.”

Prince William has confessed that he and Kate Middleton spend their Saturday nights catching up on the series on DVD.

“We’re both quite keen on boxsets. When we get time in the evening,” he said during an interview with BBC 1 Radio. “We’ve watched Homeland; we’re big fans. We’ve watched Game of Thrones.”

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