Gemma Collins accused of Photoshopping her celebration picture on Instagram by fans

GEMMA Collins has been accused of Photoshopping one of her recent pictures showing her looking slimmer than ever.

The 38-year-old shared an image of herself looking very trim in a white frilly dress – after recently losing yet another stone – as she partied in Cannes but some fans claim they spotted it had been altered.

Commenting beneath the snap, one person asked: “Why is it photo shopped.”

Another wrote: “Maybe I’m missing something! But I thought you were all about real women,real body shapes ect. So how come your photo is photo shopped? That’s not a positive message! I’m sad to see this as I think your great @gemmacollins1.”

While someone else put: “Photoshop. Zoom in on the stones.”

The former Towie star was celebrating the fact her podcast with the BBC has gone to number one in the charts – and was inundated with support from most of her followers on her achievement.

Gemma has been delighting fans with her holiday snaps during her trip to Cannes after recently losing another stone thanks to a bout of gastroenteritis.

She told her followers: "Guys, I have never felt so slim in all my life. I have lost a stone and my clothes are hanging off of me.

"It's absolute madness. I have been sick for a week and I've got to say on this occasion it's the best thing that's ever happened to me because I am off to St Tropez."

Gemma first lost weight doing Dancing On Ice last year, after gruelling three-hour sessions on the ice with skate partner Matt Evers where she would burn up to 1,500 calories a time.

She later revealed she had been using £250 slimming injections to help her shed the pounds.

The Sun Online has contacted Gemma's rep for comment.

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