Gemma Collins would be 'destroyed' if Arg relapses again – as star 'pins baby hopes' on him

GEMMA Collins would be “destroyed” if Arg relapsed again – as the star has “pinned baby hopes” on him.

The 40-year-old reality star and her on/off boyfriend Arg rekindled their romance after quietly spending time together during lockdown.

The Sun exclusively revealed that the pair have become "inseparable" and are spending "every waking moment" with each other.

However, a source has now claimed that Gemma is "scared" about the possibility of Arg having a relapse, especially as this would put her dreams of having a baby on hold.

Arg, 33, has openly spoken about his drug addiction and his weight issues, which saw him balloon to 26 stone when he stopped exercising in lockdown — and replaced drink and drugs with fast food.

A friend of the star told Closer: "All her hopes and dreams are pinned on this new reunion with Arg, she is still scared that he could relapse again.

"That would cast serious doubt on her achieving her baby dream, and those who care about her worry that would destroy her after everything she has been through for him."

However, they added that Gemma believes that their relationship will work because Arg is having therapy to get to the "root of his issues".

They added: "The second is that Gemma is convinced Arg has re-evaluated his future and he now sees a wife and children as priority."

Gemma recently revealed that she is desperate to have a “gigantic yellow diamond” on her finger and a baby in her arms by the end of the year.

Speaking to exclusively to The Sun, she said: “I feel very settled in my 40s. I think this is Gemma’s year. I’ve overcome a lot. 

“I just feel I’m ready for a baby. I’ve had an amazing career the last 10 years. I’ve now got my house. I’m settled, so I’m ready for action!”

The star is also certain that marriage and babies is on the cards for this year. 

Gemma reveals: “I’ve been having tarot readings with a lovely girl called Emma.

“She says I’m definitely going to have a baby this year and I’ll definitely get a ring on my finger. 

“It had better be a big one. I want a yellow diamond. A huge one. A gigantic one!”

She adds: “I keep saying, ‘You’re joking, I can’t see it happening!’ But let’s see if her predictions come true. I hope so, I do hope so.”

Gemma and on/off boyfriend Arg went through a very toxic split in July last year, in which James branded the reality star a “fat f**k” and a “hippo”.

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