Get Ready, ’Cause Riverdale Season 5 Is Going to Look Super Different

Things I’ve done today: (1) gazed lovingly at my precious, precious sourdough starter bubbles (WHY AREN’T THEY MORE FROTHY?), (2) stared vacantly out the window, (3) donated some money to coronavirus relief efforts, and (4) completed a deep dive on Riverdale season 5. Because, honestly, there are a lot of unanswered questions at the moment, including…Is this season even happening anymore? And yeah, I need answers.

First of All, Riverdale Season 5 Is Confirmed

Riverdale’s fifth season got renewed back in January. That’s the good news!

Buuut things have gotten a little complicated due to Hollywood shutting down amid the coronavirus crisis. Which brings us to…

Season 4’s Missing Episodes Will Kick Off Season 5

The show had to shut down last spring because of the pandemic, and they still had a few episodes left to film. Writer Ted Sullivan confirmed on Twitter that those episodes will see the light of day, explaining that season 4 will wrap up with episode 19, while season 5 will seemingly begin with episodes 20 to 22.

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