Gino D’Acampo ‘almost died’ filming road trip series

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Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieux have travelled the world together for the hit series Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip. Fred, maître d’ of Channel 4’s First Dates, has disclosed a near miss for Gino while the three friends filmed in Mexico for the programme.

The trio have filmed the travel and food series across the world in locations including Europe, Mexico, USA and Morocco.

The show explores the local culture and cuisine of each place they visit, with some extreme adrenaline filled activities along the way.

The incident in question happened during the filming for the second series, American Road Trip, in an episode entitled The Three Amigos, which aired in 2020.

Speaking about the near accident to the Daily Star, Fred explained: “The worst one was Gino in Mexico, he almost died but he bumped into the RV in the go-kart he was in.

“It was so close, if his head hit the bumper he would have been finished, so he was very lucky.”

Fred, who was also driving at the time, explained he “didn’t realise it happened when it did” as there was so much dust behind him from his own vehicle.

During the same activity Gordon also “went into a wall” but Fred joked he shouldn’t have stopped to help the celebrity chef.

He laughed: “I would have won the race, I was so p***ed off with myself. Next time, if there is an accident I’m not stopping to save any of them.”

The three presenters also took part in a chilli eating contest, attempted to track down the world’s best breakfast and tried their hand at some Mexican wrestling during the episode.

Fred previously shared how much fun they all have filming the show together, explaining: “Look, we have a lot of fun, that’s for sure. And that’s why it’s great to do it.”

Although they love making the show Fred admits it has been hard nailing down dates to film another series, due to their busy schedules.

Fred told “What we have a problem with is dates because we can’t seem to agree on dates.”

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Gordon has recently been busy with brand new ITV show Next Level Chef and BBC’s Future Food Stars as well as his obligations with his restaurants.

Gino has also been busy, with the recent announcement for the opening of his much anticipated new restaurant in Leeds this April.

But viewers will be delighted to know that once they do find the right time for filming, the trio already have some locations in mind.

When asked where they would go for the next series, Fred teased: “We’ve got three very clear options that we’ve been talking about.”

ITV most recently released two special unseen episodes of the show, which delighted fans with never-before-seen shenanigans from the earlier trips around the world.

In an October, ITV also announced that the award winning series will return in 2023 with episodes the trio filmed in Spain last year.

They will again travel in their beloved RV for an incredible adventure across the Spanish regions of Andalusia and Galicia.

An exact date is yet to be announced but Gordon seemed excited as he said: “Here. We. Go. Again!!!! VAMOS! Really happy that me and my amigos will once again be on the road together.”

You can catch up on Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Road Trip on ITVX.

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