GMB fans tell hosts to grow up as they giggle while farting on air

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Susanna Reid was left chuckling at her co-host Martin Lewis after farting noises erupted around the studio on Good Morning Britain.

Amid a conversation surrounding breaking wind airing on TV, Martin decided to give it a go as a yoga teacher came on air to discuss the best ways to let loose.

It comes after Camilla Parker Bowles "couldn't stop" talking about President Joe Biden's "long and loud" fart at COP26, but the yoga teacher has said it should be encouraged.

She said: "Susanna I am a yoga teacher now and I positively encourage it in my classes.

"I'm quite open to letting off myself and when I do, I say, 'Oh my goodness here we are!' There's a wind relieving process called apanasana."

Susanna asked her to explain the position and as she started to, Martin chimed in and said: "Susanna is going to demonstrate!"

The co-host immediately shut him down and said: "No I'm not going to demonstrate!"

The yoga teacher continued explaining the position and said: "You lie on your back and you have both knees in and you interlace your fingers around your shins and pull your knees in."

As she explained the routine, Martin was copying what she described – while faced directly at Susanna – as he said: "It's not doing anything for me you'll be pleased to hear," but a loud fart noise immediately erupted in the studio as he made the statement.

While Susanna burst into a fit of giggles, Martin added: "You call him President Biden, perhaps we should call him President Trump", as further noises surrounded the studio.

Although it was certainly a fun morning for Susanna and Martin, who were cracking up at the segment, viewers were less than impressed.

One user said on Twitter: "Grow up, you idiots. Behaving like schoolkids."

While another said: "Surely there are better things to talk about than farting."

A third person added: "I see the famous British sense of humour still finds farting funny as f**k… Complete with sound effects…"

However, while the show definitely started on a light note, the hosts later discussed environmental changes and COP26 as concerns surrounding the environment rise.

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