GMB row erupts as Tory MP scolds Adil Ray over Truss question

Adil Ray clashes with Danny Kruger over Liz Truss

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The politician talked to Good Morning Britain’s Adil and Kate Garraway on Thursday to discuss the chaotic upheaval taking place in parliament and was grilled by Ray about whether or not he believes Liz Truss is the best person for the job of Prime Minister. As a clash ensued after Kruger couldn’t give a direct answer, he snapped: “It isn’t a talent show”. It follows unprecedented scenes on Wednesday which have left some believing Truss is currently clinging to power.

It comes as chaotic scenes flooded parliament on Wednesday night as a public row broke out between the party members.

Suella Braverman resigned as home secretary, and allegations of “bullying and manhandling” sparked a public quarrel.

The events have left some believing Truss has just hours to save her position as Prime Minister.

Discussing the latest government incident, Kruger admitted “things are a mess”.

“These chaotic scenes I suspect are somewhat exaggerated by opposition MPs, but clearly things are a mess,” the MP went on.

“And the problems with the whipping yesterday and the day before are indicative of a government in turmoil.

“But thank you for asking me on, because I do want to say that these problems we are experiencing politically – and let’s not ignore the responsibility that ministers have for those – but they really go much deeper.

“And they reflect what I think is the culmination of 30 years of an economic and social model that’s seriously disturbed our society and the fact that we have an economy that has been over-indebted, relying on cheap labour, cheap credit, over-centralised public services, disregarded families and communities.

“Only with Brexit did we restore the essentiality of the nation to our politics.

“And we’ve been living in a centralised democracy for many years which is not delivering, we’re not spreading prosperity and opportunity across the country fairly.”

“Your party has been in power for 12 years!” Ray hit back.

He went on to say: “Can I just ask you very quickly, is Liz Truss the most competent, credible, skilful, talented leader in your party right now and the right person to lead you through the things that you’ve been spelling out over the last seven minutes – is she the best that you have?”

He went on: “Because let’s face it, it has to be the best of your party that’s leading you right now, the very best, the outstanding one – is that Liz Truss?”

“Well it’s a difficult question,” Kruger replied. “I don’t know who the best person is-“

“I’ll take that as a no then!” Ray interjected before the MP argued back.

“No, I’m sorry I can’t give you a – it’s not a talent show!” He fumed. “What you’re asking is if there should be a change in leader.

“And that is an enormously significant thing to undertake, we’ve just been through a leadership election.

“I’m not sure we want to wish that on the country again.

“So it’s not simply a question of who the best Prime Minster is – it’s, ‘Do we want to go through a change?'”

Last night’s events saw yelling, tears, MPs “openly rebelling” and calls for new leadership.

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