GMB viewers slam hypocrite Laura Tobin for flying to America

Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin was excitedly reporting from America, French Guiana to explain the European Space Agency’s mission to Jupiter. The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission will make detailed observations of the solar system’s largest planet, as well as three of its biggest moons. Whilst Laura was eager to explain what was going to happen, viewers of the show were furious she had been sent to America to report despite her passion for climate change.

Excited to discuss the launch mission, Laura exclaimed: “I mean, this is so amazing. First of all, it was the European Space Agency that personally invited us, this is a complete UK exclusive, there is nobody else from the UK reporting here.

“What they are doing here is incredible, it is otherworldly, it is the stuff of sci-fi that they are actually making it a reality.

“One of the biggest questions out there is, is there life outside our planet? And it turns out that yes there very well could be within our very own solar system, within the Jupiter area, within its moons.

“They have so much science, we have spoken to the mission controllers here. The team has been working for over 10 years on this mission and it is very very close to becoming a reality.

“The mission is too JUICE, it’s Jupiter’s icy moon explorer and they will be travelling on this here behind me, this is a replica of the Aryan Five rocket.

“We were fortunate enough to see it being tracked through the jungle here in French Guiana, heading towards the launch pad.”

Stunned by the mission and technology, Richard added: “Well that is the point isn’t it, it will change our entire world view, we have always seen ourselves as the only living beings in the universe, God created and all of that.

“This is going to change everything if they find life out there.”

Laura agreed: “It is incredible. Jupiter is a gas giant and it is the biggest planet in our entire solar system and it has more than twice the mass of all the other planets put together.

“If they can model this and the moons then they can learn about every single gas giant in the entire universe.

“Jupiter is a long long way away, the signal there and back would take about an hour and a half to send any information, to send anything they want it to do or perform.

“It is the biggest brain that has ever been sent into space as far as the computer technology on the rocket goes.

“The mission controllers here, very much like the Martian movie with Matt Damon, to paraphrase what the mission controllers here have done, they have scienced the hell out of it to make sure it will all work.”

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However, viewers of the chatshow were left annoyed and conscious that Laura is an advocate for climate change but had travelled to South America for the segment.

Taking to their Twitter accounts, user Daisy26398461 asked: “Why???? This woman is such a hypocrite, constantly talking about climate change then travels miles to talk about spacecraft to Jupiter, unbelievable #gmb.”

@ScottMoffett01 penned: “I hope this weather broad flew economy to offset her carbon footprint #GMB.”

@Stu27325552 wrote: “Sustainable GMB sending the weather girl halfway the world #gmb.”

@KarenlovesGBL fumed: “Why the hell is weather girl Laura Tobin in French Guiana? Talk about do as I say not as I do #ClimateEmergency my a**e #gmb.” (sic)

@HBFash1007 commented: “Sending the weather girl to South America. Next week she’ll be back on her Climate Crisis bollocks #GMB are Gaslighting champions.”

@sabrinastyled expressed: “Is Laura an expert in space? Genuinely asking as I thought she did weather! #gmb.”

@ShirleyL60 said: “She is a weatherperson, not an expert in space. #gmb Could of sent #BrianCox who knows a lot more.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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