Gogglebox family speak out after fans left concerned over missing star

The Siddiqui family have spoken out after fans of the show wondered why one of the clan didn't appear in this week's Gogglebox episode.

Sid, Baasit, Raza and Umar are regular participants on the show but Sid was not on screen this week and viewers were not given an explanation and began to get worried.

Taking to social media, one person wrote: "Where is Mr Siddiqui???" and another added: "Where's daddy Siddiqui on #Gogglebox?" while someone else said: "Missing Sid Siddiqui this week but love seeing the bros together #Gogglebox."

The brothers soon joked about where their dad was, comparing him to a gangster or assassin while watching Culprits. One said: "Do you know anyone who has just like appeared out of nowhere near like yeah he’s got to be a gangster or an assassin. They’ve got a vibe innit?"

Another then quipped "Where is dad anyway?" and they all laughed. Although Sid was missing from one episode this week, there is one family member who never appears on the show, his wife Nasreen.

Nasreen, who has been married to Sid for more than 40 years, has reportedly chosen to not be on the show. However, she's not been out of the spotlight completely, once appearing in a cute family Instagram post with her sons and Sid.

During his long stint on the show, Sid's befriended cast mate Dave, who appears on Gogglebox with his wife Shirley.

Sharing a photo of his garden on Instagram in 2021, Sid wrote: “Love this time of year in my garden #tranquil."

The photo was quickly complimented by fans including fellow Goggleboxer, Dave Griffiths, who replied: “Gardens lovely Sid, must be a pleasure to sit outside.”

To show his approval, Sid retweeted the message to his own followers, adding: “Thank you Dave, Shirley, Mrs S and I love spending time in the garden love to see plants and flowers blooming I think the weather lately has helped a lot.”

The pair also exchanged some messages on Twitter after Dave shared a snap of himself looking unrecognisable with a goatee after using an app filter.

He wrote: "I feel like a fraud, what I meant was shaving my head it's an app that shows what you would look like bald, they just throw the goatee in for fun, the funny thing is you all think I'm already bald #Gogglebox… great."

Sid then replied to the tweet, writing: "That’s good advice, shave your head and grow a beard, I am going to do that when my hair falls out soon.

"I guess if you grow your beard long enough you could train it to sit on top of your head like a hair bun."

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