Gogglebox series 16 LIVE – Updates as show returns days after Ofcom complaints about Michael family's Covid comments

GOGGLEBOX 2020 has returned for its 16th series – and is back on telly TONIGHT (September 18).

Narrated by Craig Cash, tonight's episode is the second in the new series which is airing for 15 weeks – which means it will take us through until Christmas.

Tonight's show promises fun in store with the return of  Jenny and Lee, siblings Pete and Sophie and the outspoken Michael family.

Mary and Marina, Amira and Iqra, sisters Ellie and Izzi and The Siddiquis will also be on this series, as well as brothers Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer.

Newbies include Anne and Ken and artist Giles and agony aunt Mary.

  • Not all good news

    If the £1,500 monthly allowance seems right up your street, you might be chomping at the bit to find out how you can apply to take part.

    Bad news: There is no formal application that you can just fill in.

    Sadly, it isn’t as easy as applying for a job on the checkout in Aldi and the telly researchers use their noses to scout people out.


  • Money, money, money

    Ever wondered how much the Gogglebox stars get paid?

    Chatting about the telly is pretty much a dream job for most. I’d totally be up for it!

    But while the lucky few, mainly Scarlett Moffatt, have gone on to make a fortune off the back of they time on the, many haven’t struck gold.

    The monthly allowance for the whole family is believed to be around £1,500.

    Sadly, that isn’t going to buy you a world cruise and a Ferrari any time soon.

  • Will the Gogglebox gang be talking about Des?

    New drama Des hit our screens this week and I hope the Goggleboxers will be enlightening us with their thoughts on it.

    The three-parter was based on the real life Dennis Nilsen murders but some scenes were a little gory for viewers to say the least.

    It has since been hit with Ofcom complaints for being so gruesome.

    Who out of the gang will be hiding behind their hands?


    GOGGLEBOX will be back on our screens tonight – days after Ofcom confirmed it has received complaints about the Michael family.

    The new series of the Channel 4 show kicked off last Friday but some viewers were left unimpressed by the Michaels’…um…controversial views on the coronavirus pandemic.

    Having watched a segment from the BBC News, the youngest two appeared to complain that their own lives have been put on hold to save the elderly from catching Covid-19 and dying.

    So rude of the elderly, eh?

    Alex Michael seemed to suggest that perhaps the ‘small group’ of people who are at risk of succumbing to the illness should lock themselves away rather than those heading off to uni.

    “It just seems backwards to me because if there’s small group of people who are at risk of dying, then it should be them self-isolating – not the large group of young people,” she said.

    “And also it should be their choice because if they’re aware of the risks and the statistics then it should be their choice whether they isolate or not. But to make everyone else put their lives on hold, it’s ridiculous.”

    Yes, totally ‘ridiculous’….

    Alex’s brother Louis didn’t disagree.

    Talking about the recent rise in cases of Covid-19, he said: “It seems crazy that they were putting out all of these schemes like Eat Out To Help Out and trying basically to get everyone back to normal, and now they’re blaming young people.”

    Unfortunately for them, some viewers DID disagree.

    One tweeted: “They should ban them from talking about corona on gogglebox cus the michaels family saying why should people put their lives on hold to protect a few vulnerable people and that Essex kid who said ‘keep old people in’ are angering me to no end’ (sic).”

    Another added: “I bloody love gogglebox but that ableism from the Michael family is absolutely disgusting. What do they think vulnerable people with jobs are supposed to do? If they stay home they won't get paid. So die of Covid or die of starvation?”

    Telly watchdog Ofcom has since confirmed that it has received complaints, meaning the show could be investigated in the future.

    Something tells me coronavirus might be missing from the Gogglebox agenda tonight. Just a hunch!

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