Has some demons The Boys Black Noir star opens up on tragic origin story

The Boys season 3 official teaser trailer from Prime Video

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Viewers finally discovered the tragic origin story behind masked superhero Black Noir (played by Nathan Mitchell) in the third episode of The Boys’ third season. With new episodes coming out weekly on Amazon Prime Video, the actor spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about where the dark vigilante is headed over the next few weeks.

Series regular Nathan has revealed there’s more to come from Black Noir after episode three, Barbary Coast, revealed his horrific backstory.

While working with the original superhero squad Payback, Noir was sent to Nicaragua during the Cold War with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and the rest of the team.

However, the Supes weren’t as useful in the conflict as the US was led to believe, and Noir ended up critically injured by an attack by Nicaraguan and Russian soldiers.

Ahead of the new season, Nathan told Express.co.uk: “This season is really interesting for Noir because there are elements of his past that we explore.”

“There’s a new side of him that we’ve never seen. You get to see inside his mind, how he thinks; which is very different from the typical person.

“He has some demons and some fears he thought he had escaped that it turns out he hasn’t.

“So he has to wrestle with those and make some tough decisions.”

Flashbacks to the 1980s in episode three revealed the grisly extent of the injury fans have long speculated lay beneath the Supe’s body armour.

Black Noir was rendered mute by the attack, leaving him completely at the beck and call of Vought and Homelander in the present day.

Nathan also touched on how viewers’ perceptions of the character could start to change following the reveals of this season.

“One of the keys to Noir is he’s always been this mystery,” he explained.

“And so, because you can’t see behind the mask, or you haven’t been able to, anything you can imagine you can project onto him. That’s been really fun.”

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“So it’s going to shift things. Because now there’s a definitive narrative, right?”

Nathan, unfortunately, had to cut himself off when he began to explain one of the inspirations for Black Noir this season.

“I love that there is an ode…” he began. “Actually, I don’t know if I can say that!

“I’ll pause it there and you can surmise what you want! But everyone’s been jonesing to find out what’s going on underneath the mask.”

“And so now we get to see a peek. It’s just a taste,” Nathan teased.

“I think people will enjoy getting to see that side of him. And it’ll whet their palates for a deeper look into his psychology.”

Throughout the first four episodes, Black Noir has so far taken a backseat to the action while Homelander tackles his ratings and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie (Jack Quaid) investigate Soldier Boy.

However, Nathan assured viewers there’s still plenty of room to explore the silent Supe during the remaining four weeks of the acclaimed new season.

Plus, Prime Video has now confirmed The Boys’ fourth instalment is officially in the works, so Black Noir could become an even bigger player next time around.

The Boys season 3 continues Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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