Here’s a look at Who Is Erin Carter star and Sexy Beast actor Andy Lucas

Who is Erin Carter?: Official trailer

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Who is Erin Carter. 

Intense Netflix drama Who Is Erin Carter features a number of recognizable stars, including Andy Lucas, so what else is he known for?

Erin Collantes (played by Evin Ahmad) is a British teacher living in Spain who finds herself caught up in a supermarket robbery.

Initially in the Netflix drama, she is seen as one of the unfortunate shoppers but things take an unexpected turn when one of the robbers states that he knows her.

This is when things truly start to unravel as the past Erin was so desperate to escape from finally catches up with her.

So who exactly is Erin Carter and will she be able to outrun the life she wishes to forget about?

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What else has Who Is Erin Carter star Andy Lucas been in?

Who Is Erin Carter features Inspector Tabarez (played by Andy Lucas) who interviews Erin after the robbery.

Erin informs him she doesn’t know the culprits but he suspects there is a lot more to her story than she is willing to admit.

He is portrayed by actor Andy Lucas, who has had a varied career which began back in the late 1970s in the movie Yanks.

It didn’t take him too long though to work his way into some of the most memorable shows and films in history.

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Some of which are Birds of a Feather opposite Loose Women star Linda Robson, Judge John Deed, Hotel Babylon, Benidorm, Soldier, Soldier, The Minder and The Professionals.

Fans may recognize Lucas for featuring in Eldorado back in 1993 as the inspector, with the film being labelled by many as the “worst movie ever made”.

In contrast, Lucas was Juan Ramirez in the unforgettable sci-fi film Alien vs. Predator, followed by Ray Winstone’s Sexy Beast and Liam Neeson’s The Commuter.

He already has another project in the works following the success of Who Is Erin Carter.

Going by his IMDb profile, Lucas will play a character called Viktor in the upcoming film Swim.

So far, no details regarding the plot have come out as it’s still very early days with the project still in pre-production.

But some other big names have been announced, including the likes of Annette Badland, Wendy Morgan, Lee Mead and Carol Royle.

Who Is Erin Carter is available to watch on Netflix now

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