Heres where the original Steptoe and Son cast are now

CLASSIC comedy from Steptoe and Son

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Steptoe and Son told the tale of a father-and-son rag-and-bone business in the heart of London. Nothing usually went to plan for the pair though with Albert Steptoe, a old grumpy man set in his ways, and his son, Harold Steptoe, full of ambition and dreams for the future. Here’s a run-down of what happened to the original stars of Steptoe and Son.

Where is the original cast of Steptoe and Son now?

Albert Steptoe – Wilfrid Brambell

Albert was the miserable dad in Steptoe and Son who couldn’t help but have a negative outlook on life.

Following his time in the hit sitcom, actor Wilfrid Brambell featured in various other series during his career including Just William and The Terence Davis Trilogy.

Some fans may remember that he played Paul McCartney’s grandfather in the Beatles’ comedy A Hard Day’s Night.

His last onscreen role was in 1984’s comedy Kelly Monteith, as he died at the age of 72 the next year.

Harold Steptoe – Harry Corbett

Harold was desperate to get away from the family rag-and-bone business as he wanted to make something of his life and go up in the world.

However, whenever he felt he had a concrete plan to do just this, it was always scuppered by his dad.

Actor Harry Corbett went on to feature in the comedy movie Carry on Screaming and then Grundy, as the titular grumpy newsagent, a few years after Steptoe and Son had come to an end.

He reportedly had numerous heart attacks and died in 1982, aged 58.

Frank Thornton

Brambell and Corbett were the two main recurring stars of Steptoe and Son with few others making appearances in the comedy.

The only other star was actor Frank Thornton who played various roles in just five episodes during the time it was on BBC One.

He appeared in other popular shows like Last of the Summer Wine as Truly and Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served.

Thornton outlived his Steptoe and Son co-stars by many years, dying in 2013, aged 92.

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Steptoe and Son ran for four successful seasons from 1962 to 1965 on the BBC.

During this period, the sitcom was shown in black and white but returned for a second run in colour in 1970.

The series went on for four more seasons before coming to an end for good in 1974.

Much like their relationship on screen, Brambell and Corbett weren’t always on the best of terms.

Actress Susanna Corbett described their dynamic in the biography of her dad’s life.

She described in the book: “If Wilfrid hadn’t had a terribly good night, he used to bite everybody’s head off.

“So they used to send me along and I’d knock on the door – ‘Oh right, darling, I’ll be with you in a minute’.

“One day we thought he was having a heart attack; in fact, it was too many gins.”

Steptoe and Son is available to watch on ITVX and Britbox.

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