Holly Willoughby winces in horror as UK's most tattooed woman reveals inking in 'intimate area' on This Morning

HOLLY Willoughby winced in horror as the UK's most tattooed woman admitted to having ink on her "intimate area" during a This Morning segment earlier today.

The TV presenter, 39, and co-host Phillip, 58, spoke to Becky Holt, a woman who has 95% of her skin covered in permanent reminders.

The mum-of-one, who gave birth to her first daughter Aurora Forrest back in December last year, explained that her obsession started when she was just 15-years-old after she got a boyfriend's name on her crotch.

She continued to cover her body with beautiful hidden designs until she hit 22, when she then decided to get her first big statement piece on her leg that people could see.

Becky, who has her own YouTube channel, Admire Me account and OnlyFans, has since been inked over 100 times and even has markings on every inch of skin that she has.

Phillip asked if Becky could show some of her favourites on camera and she began to lie flat on the sofa with her legs up in the air to show her full body.

In complete awe of her designs, Holly said: "Oh my god, amazing. Does it hurt?! Where was the most painful part?"

The inked beauty, who boasts 35.7K followers on Instagram, replied: "So the most painful was my armpit. I've had both of my armpits tattooed. This I was in tears. It was horrible!

"You can't see it now but I've got my ribs done. That was also horrific. I've got all my crotch, all my intimate are done. That hurt a lot. But it's bearable."

The presenters both stared back in complete shock and Holly replied: "Ouch!"

She went on to giggle: "I could just hear groans coming from the crew, literally them going 'ooh,' 'ow'."

Phillip went on to ask what she'll say to her baby girl when she's older and asks her mum if she's allowed to get her boyfiend's name tattooed on her.

"Well she's not having a boyfriend for start," she joked.

Becky continued: "I will support her decision, once she's old enough I will take her to the best artist in the UK so she doesn't have to keep it a secret from me.

"I'll make sure that she goes to a really, really good artist and gets an amazing good quality ink from somebody that I know and trust."

Becky also spoke out about a recent social experment she did, where she went and asked for help with both tattoos and no tattos to see how people would react to her.

She told Phillip and Holly: "People were really really rude to me when I had tattoos.

"I hink people think it's quite thuggish and they're a bit intimidated by people who are heavily covered in ink.

"So yeah it was quite interesting to see the reaction that people gave me!"

She added: ""It's my body and it's my choice. if people don't like it, you know there's nothing I can really do about it. You can't be liked by everybody. "

Many viewers took to Twitter to appreciate her unique look.

One wrote: "Think the lady looks absolutely stunning and amazing and she pulls it off so well. I have 20 tattoos myself and would love something like that."

Another said: "@thismorning the lady with the tattoos looks absolutely stunning! Shame she gets so much abuse for being who she wants to be."

A third chimed in: "I personally think she looks good with the tattoos. It's her body let her do what she wants. Does anyone criticise you for things you do to your body? Tattoos? Piercings? #ThisMorning."

A fourth added: "Beautiful lady with the tattoos. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. #ThisMorning."



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