Hollyoaks 2022 spoilers: Overdose tragedy, three returns and death horror

Hollyoaks is set to explode, quite literally, in the coming weeks, as a fire tears through Marnie Nightingale’s (Lysette Antony) beloved patisserie in the serial drama’s first stunt since the pandemic.

But if you think that’s all that’s in store, you’re very much mistaken!

The Channel 4 soap is lining up a number of interesting plot lines and developments in the coming months, several of which were teased in the New Year trailer.

Sienna Blake and Ste Hay, for example, will find themselves embroiled in a murder storyline after they cross paths with Ethan Williams, who demands their help in getting rid of deadly evidence.

Warren Fox, meanwhile, could be set to return to prison, after his murderous confession falls into the wrong hands.

That’s just for starters!

Metro.co.uk, however, has got all the gossip and all the deets about all the drama you can expect from Hollyoaks this year, in our exclusive preview.

Don’t say we don’t treat you!

The explosive stunt

2022 gets off to an explosive start, so to speak, as an explosion rips through the village, after Marnie’s Salon De The goes up in flames amid a fundraising event for Dee Valley hospital.

Numerous residents’ lives are on the line, and while we’re keeping tight-lipped on what transpires in the wake of the blast, let’s just say that there are fatal repercussions.

Toby gets his comeuppance

The deadly explosion sets the scene for Toby to seemingly get something off his chest, and that’s the truth about Lisa Loveday’s murder. Upcoming scenes will see the killer ready himself to make the confession before his loved ones.

The question is: how will they react to his revelation?

That remains to be seen, but spoilers have already confirmed that both he and Celeste face the music for what they’ve done.

Bobby’s deadly lie – and murderous future?

Bobby has seemingly started demonstrating similarities to his murderous uncle Silas, and next week, he shows just how much he has in common with the killer when he tells a huge lie while in a life-threatening situation.

The New year trailer teased that he lies about Sylver being trapped in the fire, so the question is: will Sylver perish in the blast? Or will little Bobby change his mind before it’s too late?

Sienna and Ste are caught in a murderous web

Sienna and Ste find themselves in a rather precarious situation when they corner villain Ethan, demanding to know why he’s in possession of their cleaning van.

Ethan, having presumably taken someone’s life, reveals that he’s got a body in the boot, before pulling a gun on their pair of them! desperate to save their lives, Sienna agrees to assist Ethan in burying the corpse.

But just whose body is it that they’re disposing of?

Luke’s FTD worsens, as a face from the past returns

Luke, as fans know, was diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia, FTD, two years ago. Overtime, his behaviour has changed, and recent scenes have seen him act impulsively and show zero signs of remorse for his actions, which is a symptom of the condition.

Cindy struggled to cope over the festive season, after Luke became aggressive, and the coming months will see his condition worsen, as his behaviour becomes more unpredictable than ever.

Soon enough, however, he comes face-to-face with a face from his past, in the form of an unexpected visitor.

John Paul’s drinking spirals out of control

John Paul continues to hit the bottle, and he ultimately puts his job in jeopardy as he takes alcohol onto the school premises.

And in typical Hollyoaks fashion, chaos ensues, as a huge incident occurs, with repercussions to follow.

Overdose horror as Sid’s drug-dealing past is revisited

Sid Sumner has been through a lot since he rocked up in Hollyoaks near three years ago, but this Spring will see more heartache ensue for the young lad, as a face from his drug dealing past returns.

What’s more, his past secrets spill everywhere, and a huge decision leads to someone accidentally overdosing.

But who?

Lisa Hunter’s epic return

Hollyoaks fans have long been calling for Gemma Atkinson to reprise her iconic role as Lisa Hunter, and last year, it was confirmed that she would be doing so!

She makes her explosive comeback in upcoming scenes, as she returns to the village.

Warren redeemed?

Redeeming Warren Fox would be a tall task for just about anyone – scriptwriter or otherwise – but it appears as if the hardened criminal could be set to verge onto a new path this year, with a major event proving to be his chance at turning over a new leaf.

Joel hopes said event will lead to his dad changing his ways, but is such a thing even a possibility given all the heartache and pain that Warren has caused?

Ali’s trial

Rapist Ali Shahzad could be finally set to face the music for what he’s done, but an article posted by Yazz jeopardises the trial.

Shaq, meanwhile, questions his own identity in the wake of recent events.

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