Horror comedy Ready Or Not is right up there with Scream with Samara Weaving’s brilliant performance – The Sun

WHAT a blast! Samara Weaving knocks it out of the park in this insanely brilliant slasher/horror comedy that is right up there with Scream as a shot in the arm for the genre.

The Le Domas family are uber rich from their board-game empire.

Son Alex is marrying Grace (Weaving) and a family tradition/initiation ceremony is to play a midnight board game together, selected by a mysterious box.

When “hide and seek” is chosen for Grace, off she toddles.

Unbeknown to her, the family are now intent on hunting her down before dawn breaks.

How the directors crammed so much into the film is beyond me. We get a treasure trove of characters (the terrifying aunt is a favourite) and brilliant set-pieces bleeding (literally) with originality, wit and gross-out dispatching.

Just when you think you have got it sussed, along comes a fresh idea to snap you out of it and get you back on the edge of your seat.

The plot plays on the privilege of the rich and the craziness that is “other people’s families” perfectly. Weaving is nothing short of a revelation – goofy, beautiful, ballsy and very funny – a cosplayer’s dream character.

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