How are the Below Deck charter guests selected?

Below Deck season 9 preview

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Below Deck is known for its beautiful locations, luxury yachts, and charter guest chaos. Each season sees a new group of guests board one of the superyachts to set sail on an idyllic trip across some of the most desirable locations around the world. But with the guests often bringing on board their own drama, fans have been wondering how they are selected.

How are the Below Deck charter guests selected?

Many of the charter guests have become just as iconic as the crews of each season.

While those working on deck take up most of the limelight, the charter guests are never camera shy, often stealing the show.

This has led to some memorable moments, including season seven’s Brandy, who had already been enjoying the drinks before boarding.  

Later on, the crew had to provide her medical attention when Brandy and her friends went ashore for a picnic.

Brandy looked as though she had passed out due to too much alcohol, leading to a particularly stressful moment for chief stew Kate Chastain and the rest of the crew.

However, Brandy nor any other charter guest will run the risk of being embarrassed over their actions, as each and every one of them was specifically chosen to take part in the series.

Bosun Eddie Lucas recently spoke with Cosmopolitan about how the process works and the planning that goes into each season.

“They plan the guests that are coming on board,” Lucas explained.

The star continued: “I’m sure there are guests that have not liked how they’ve been shown, but it still surprises me.

“You know you’re coming on a television show, so if you act like an idiot, that’s on you.”

Lucas also mentioned some of the more memorable guests seen in the series, including Johnny Eyelash from season one.

“He would constantly walk around in a filthy bathrobe. I don’t think it had ever been washed,” Lucas revealed.

For viewers, the embarrassment the guests and crew suffer is part of the fun of the show, with the drama often escalating quickly each season.

Lucas said: “Embarrassment is something that goes hand-in-hand I think with being on Below Deck!”

“They found drugs in one of the [group’s] things, so I would have to imagine that after those guests watched that episode they probably felt pretty stupid about how things kind of turned out for him.”

Below Deck season nine is set to premiere on October 26 and judging by the trailer the charter guests will be doing what they do best – making the crew’s job harder. 

Overshadowing the guests this season is Captain Lee Rosbach, who looks to be absent from most of the upcoming season.

“I have a condition,” Rosbach says at the start of the trailer.

Luckily, he does come back to lead the crew again, making a return near the end of the teaser.

The crew will need Captain Lee to be at his best if they have any hope of navigating the choppy waters and unruly guests.

Below Deck season nine premieres on October 26 on Bravo in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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