How many episodes are in The Essex Serpent on Apple TV?

The Essex Serpent: Trailer for new series from Apple TV

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Apple TV+ will be launching its star-studded new series The Essex Serpent on Friday, May 13. The show is adapted from Sarah Perry’s 2016 novel of the same. takes a look at the forthcoming show including the episode count and plot.

How many episodes are in The Essex Serpent on Apple TV?

Episodes one and two of The Essex Serpent will be landing on Apple TV+ tomorrow with the streaming platform hoping the double bill will whet viewers’ appetites.

According to IMDb, there is a total of six episodes in The Essex Serpent which will be dropping on a weekly basis.

Early reviews for the Victorian drama have praised it for its gripping and engaging storyline.

The Essex Serpent is a limited series, so the story will be a self-contained one.

Here is The Essex Serpent episode release schedule

  • Episode 1 – May 13
  • Episode 2 – May 13
  • Episode 3 – May 20
  • Episode 4 – May 27
  • Episode 5 – June 3
  • Episode 6 – June 10

The show is set in Victorian England with widow Cora Seaborne (played by Claire Danes) arriving in Essex from London after she hears about a mythical creature terrorising the locals.

Cora comes to Essex after a girl goes missing and is presumed dead with the local people claiming she was taken by the Blackwater Beast for her sins.

Cora will be on the case as she seeks to undercover the truth but things will be far from simple.

When tragedy strikes, the investigator finds the villagers turning on her as Cora tries to solve the mystery.

Cora also forms a bond with the local pastor Will Ransome (Tom Hiddleston), who casts doubt over the reports of the creature.

Ransome will try to convince his congregation the serpent is merely a myth cooked up by the masses and a “symptom of the times we live in”.

The pair will be pushed to the brink with their passions running high as they try to find out if the serpent is indeed real.

Speaking about the new series, the Loki star said: “Monsters are symbols of mystery… they reflect our need to find meaning in our lives.

He went on to say: “I think human beings need, or are drawn, to externalise mystery.

“We like to be humbled by forces in nature and in our world that seem to be unexplained.”

Hiddleston praised The Essex Serpent scripts as “brilliant” and he felt “really excited” to take on the project, which is darker and grittier than his Marvel work.

The Hollywood star added: “They were about complex people at a complex time, with a conflict of ideas.”

While Homeland actress Danes said her single mother character Cora wasn’t on the lookout for a new husband and planned to raise her son alone.

Cora, who is fascinated by fossils, will be hoping the serpent will be a dinosaur who didn’t die out during the extinction period.

Danes told BBC News: “Her development had been quite arrested when she married this intensely controlling, abusive man.

“She’s just so relieved to have a chance to breathe again.”

The Essex Serpent starts on Apple TV+ on May 13

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