How Rebecca Humphries found out that Seann Walsh cheated on her with Katya Jones

Strictly Come Dancing was rocked by possibly its biggest scandal ever when photos emerged of Seann Walsh kissing his professional dance partner Katya Jones, despite both being in relationships at the time. Seann's now ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Humphries, has opened up about that period of her life in Elle magazine, and revealed how she found out about the couple's intimate moment.

Rebecca opened up about finding out Seann kissed Katya

Admitting that she was nervous about Seann taking part in the show in case he left her for his dance partner, she wrote: "On 6th October, my worst nightmare became a reality. But it wasn't even a bit like I'd imagined. I was at the BBC's studios for the live recording of Strictly. Afterwards, in the smoking area, my boyfriend came up to me and said, 'The Sun have got pictures of me and [dance partner] Katya kissing.'"

Rebecca left Seann following the scandal

She continued: "My default response was, somewhat surprisingly, to be practical. Within five minutes, we were both in a car being surreptitiously whisked away under the cover of October darkness. Bright lights from every direction blinded me on route, the urgency of loud male voices and a sharp, intense shift in energy. 'Wow,' I remember thinking, as our driver sped off. 'This is what being papped feels like'." At the time, Rebecca released a statement on the incident, and accused Seann of coercive behaviour. Nine months since the kissing photos were published, Rebecca revealed that she has filmed a BBC comedy drama, has spoken in the House of Commons, and is about to release a podcast. She concluded: "I've learnt to channel my kindness, compassion and support to where it will be gratefully received and reciprocated. I've become a better writer, a better friend, and a more open, optimistic person. And I owe it all to my worst nightmare."

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