Huge wedding for Zak and Lisa Dingle ahead of tragic death

Lisa and Zak Dingle are set to remarry in a huge ceremony, but in true Dingle style they make a right old pig’s ear of it in Emmerdale.

The Dingle family are still reeling from the shock news that Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) is on borrowed time, with Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) in particular taking the news hard.

Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell) later went missing after Lisa’s revelation, but returned after he’d had some thinking time and shocked everyone when he popped the question to his one true love.

The family are thrilled when Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) agrees to marry them on such short notice, and with just two days to plan such a special day they all rally round to make it perfect.

The day arrives and Lisa comes down stairs in a gorgeous dress, and the three women, Lydia, Lisa and Belle, can’t wait to get her to the altar. It’s set to be the perfect day.

But disaster strikes when they discover the pigs have escaped and are running loose. They can’t leave with the animals roaming free, so the bridal party, dressed in their glad rags, resort to chasing the escaped pigs, which results in Cain falling flat in the mud.

So Lisa rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done herself.

Meanwhile, Zak and the wedding guests wait patiently for her to arrive, with Zak just a teeny bit nervous. But the congregation are left in shock when she finally turns up having tackled the pigs and covered head to toe in mud, and the day ends in romance and laughter.

Actor Steve Halliwell told that it felt right for the pair to remarry after his affair nearly destroyed the family.

‘I was disappointed when Zak had an affair, personally,’ he said. ‘I think it made a good story but there was something about those two, us two, that I felt should remain solid.

‘But that’s not up to me to decide, so you do the story and the scenes as best you can. So for me, the fact that ended sadly for the character, because she died, I think for me I thought the one thing to do is get back with Lisa for the story and for the audience as well.’

Jane Cox said of the wedding: ‘It’s big. It comes on quickly, Zak proposes to her out of the blue really, and they’re very happy about it, the whole family is really happy. So that’s really cheery.’

Steve added it’ll be a little bit of light before the gloom of Lisa’s death.

‘There’s fun times together before the tragedy might happen, it’s not all doom and gloom from day one,’ he said. ‘We’ve found out she’s ill and she’s going to die but we don’t know when.’

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