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HANSON has gone from dropping 90s bops to creating tasty hops with their craft beer venture.

The American band, made up of brothers Isaac, 42, Taylor, 40 and Zac Hanson, 37, formed the group in 1992.

They made a name for themselves with their hit single MMMBop from their debut album Middle of Nowhere, which landed them three Grammy nominations.

While they may have been a one-hit-wonder in the mainstream music world, the brothers have continued to release music today, with six albums in total.

But now, they have turned their attention to something completely different: beer.

Hanson Brothers Beer Co started in 2013 and their motto is "Music + Beer = Awesome".

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According to their website: "their craft beer outfit has been sharing award-winning styles at the crossroads of their passion for music, community and craft beer."

They also started the Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival in 2014.

In 2017, the brothers toured twice, before touring their album String Theory the following year.

And in 2021, they were unmasked as the Russian Dolls on The Masked Singer US. 

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When the Hanson brothers rose to fame as teenagers, they were known for their long hair and baggy clothes.

Today, the long blonde locks are a thing of the past and they have grown into their new looks.

Sharing a motivational video last month with his 125k followers, Isaac has ditched his iconic long ponytail and these days sports a head of short, ash-blond hair. 

He now has three children and famously married a fan, which he was quizzed about by Adil Ray on today’s show.

He explained: “You see a pretty face like that you have got to get to know her. I made a bit of an ass of myself and tried very hard to get her attention and it worked.

“Just because you see a pretty face in the audience, doesn’t mean you get along well but it clicked and I was very grateful for that. And we have three kids because of it.”

Meanwhile, middle brother Taylor is a father of seven, and the lead singer of another band, Tinted Windows, while the youngest brother Zac was ordained as a deacon in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

He and his family also run a gaming channel on YouTube.

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