‘I’m so f*****g mad’ Below Deck’s Hannah Ferrier chased around boat by Captain Sandy

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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The Bravo series has seen its fair share of altercations between Captain Sandy, the crew and Below Deck’s endless stream of wealthy guests. As popular spin-off Below Deck Med prepares for its seventh charter, former crew member Hannah Ferrier revealed an argument with the captain in season three which got particularly out of hand.

Hannah was chased around the deck of the Talisman Maiton during the 2018 run of the wildly successful reality series.

She revealed the third season of Below Deck Med was a turning point for her relationship with Captain Sandy.

As chief stew for five years before being replaced by Katie Flood, Hannah ran a tight ship but often fell foul of her captain’s short temper.

At one point in season three, the senior crew member asked Sandy for permission to leave the boat with a few guests.

Hannah and bosun Conrad Empson were given permission to leave the boat for the time it would take the captain to drink one soda, but arrived back several hours later.

The chief stew argued she had been meeting the guests’ needs by accompanying them on the trip, but suffered Sandy’s wrath for staying out longer than expected.

She told Showbiz Cheat Sheet: “I think, with Sandy, one night where she was literally like chasing me around the boat.

“I think it was basically a scenario where I had been off the boat with the guests. And she got really mad at me.”

In spite of Sandy’s fury, Hannah admitted she didn’t quite understand what she had done wrong at the time.

“And I guess I just couldn’t understand that,” she continued.

“Because in yachting if you have the guests off the boat, that’s the best thing you can do for the crew.

“So I couldn’t quite understand it because I was like, the guests wanted to be off to watch the sunset. I was on the boat with them, making cocktails, making sure they were OK.”

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Hannah and Conrad’s absence managed to give the rest of the crew an extended break as they didn’t need to tend to their guests for much of the day.

She revealed there was even an extended scene with second stew Brooke Laughton lounging around in the hot tub during the guests’ trip.

Unfortunately, Captain Sandy clearly didn’t agree with her reasoning and she was disciplined severely upon her return.

“So when I got back and there was that much anger towards me. Like she was like trying to fire me and stuff,” Hannah confirmed.

Although Sandy has been known to fume at the crew on a number of occasions, this particular rant took Hannah completely by surprise.

She continued: “And so I think you can even see on my face when I went up to the bridge and she’s like, ‘I’m so f**king mad at you!’ Like, what is going on?

“And so I think like production, we’re basically trying to facilitate a scene where we came to terms with each other so that we could continue filming.”

Hannah refused to apologise, however, and eventually left the series after just two more seasons.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 will premiere on Bravo in 2022.

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