Inside Virgin River’s season 5 death

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Netflix’s hit drama Virgin River returned to screens earlier this month with its highly anticipated fifth season and many are eager to know whose body was discovered.

The installment got off to a seemingly calm beginning as fans watched Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) prepare for their baby.

However, by the mid-season finale, things took a dark turn after the town was threatened by wildfires and ghosts from the past.

As well as the return of kingpin Calvin (David Cubitt) who was presumed dead, a dead body was also discovered.

In the episode titled Labor Day, things were going well for Preacher’s (Colin Lawrence) romance with Kaia (Kandyse McClure) until she received a call from work.

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The firefighter got a call from her colleagues who were working on the aftermath of the wildfires and they revealed a body had been discovered.

While Preacher questioned whether someone was killed during the tragedy, the newcomer told him the body had been buried in the location for a while.

Immediately the cook knew he was in trouble because that was the same are he had buried Wes’ (Steve Bacic) body in season two.

This could mark the start of a major investigation which could see Preacher behind bars unless dirty cop Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini) points the case in a different direction.

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In season two, Preacher had a romantic interest in the unassuming bakery truck owner Paige (Lexa Doig).

However, after some shifty behavior, he learned Paige and her son Christopher had changed their names and were actually on the run from her abusive ex-husband Wes.

In the episode, Taken by Surprise, Wes showed up in Virgin River and forced Paige to leave the town with him.

The pair began tussling at the top of the stairs and when Wes tried to forcibly remove Christopher, Paige panicked and pushed the abuser down the stairs to his death.

She turned to Preacher for help who used his military skills to bury Wes’ body and encourage Paige to leave town while he took care of Christopher.

Although she turned her back on Virgin River, the discovery of her ex-husband’s body could see the mother make another return to the town.

Season five, part two may also see some conflicting feelings ahead, as Preacher could confess his crime to Kaia.

This would likely put her in a difficult position and she could become torn between helping her lover and doing her job.

Virgin River seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 part 2 will premiere on Thursday, November 30.

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