ITV Big Brother housemates in tears after new task leads to nomination twist

The Big Brother house was thrown into chaos on Sunday night when a surprise nominations twist left the contestants in tears. The drama unfolded during the latest episode, which saw the housemates wake up to find out it was Jenkin's birthday and they would be participating in the Big Brother Hunger Games.

Noky joked as they got into their costumes: "We're going to look like we're in a space film!"

The housemates were split into two teams – District A with Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky and Tom, and District B with Jenkin, Jordan, Olivia, Trish and Yinrun.

They then took part in a series of challenges that tested their skills and endurance. But there was a twist – one housemate was nominated for eviction while another won immunity from the next eviction.

After District A won, they chose Chanelle to gain immunity, leaving her in tears. Then, losing team District B had to pick someone to face the next eviction. Jordan, Yinrun and Jenkin bravely volunteered themselves, but it was Jenkin who received the most votes.

Yinrun was left in tears as she had to vote for Jenkin on his birthday, and her fellow housemates were there to comfort her. One viewer reacted by saying: "That. Was. Brutal. #bigbrotheruk #BBUK Happy birthday Jenkin :(".

In another part of the show, Paul and Dylan's exits during Friday night's double eviction caused a lot of drama with Tom, Olivia and Jenkin were particularly shocked by his departure.

Trish joked about facing the public vote again, saying: "I'm going to be wearing these dresses again." While this comment made Henry laugh, but Tom wasn't impressed.

Olivia commented: "They did this. Those two girls [Noky and Trish] did this. [Paul] was literally one of the most genuine ones of us all.

"Literally all my pals are going. It's me next. I couldn't care less if I go, I don't want to be in a house with nasty people."

When Tom heard Trish and Henry laughing, he fumed: "They're f***ing giggling right now. I can't do this."

Sadly for Tom, viewers don't sympathise with him and are hoping he is voted out next.

One fan posted on Twitter: "Paul, Dylan & Olivia stir/rd drama, s**t and toxicity. Tom, Jenkin & Chantelle follow suit. Henry, Jordan & Matty are too focused on themselves. Noki & Trish speak truth. Yinrun remains her genuine self. Is it just me that sees this?"

"Get Tom out!" another simply tweeted as someone else shared: "Watching Tom cry OMG this isn't just Big Brother this is CINEMA."

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