Jake Quickenden in tears as girlfriend Sophie gives birth to baby son Leo in intimate hospital scenes caught on camera

JAKE Quickenden was left in tears as he watched his girlfriend Sophie Church give birth to their son Leo on MTV series Celebrity Bumps.

The reality TV star, 32, welcomed the newborn at the end of February and brought cameras along for the milestone moment, which will air on tonight's episode.

Speaking moments after Leo was born, the Dancing on Ice winner marvelled while wiping tears off his face: "The baby's a boy. Little Leo is here."

"Babe you was completely amazing," Jake said as he kissed Sophie, who has a son Freddie from a previous relationship. "Head like Freddie, long hair".

The clip then cut to the pair speaking in an interview confessional where Jake admitted seeing his son for the first time was "life-changing".

"People told me when you see my baby it would be life-changing
and you would feel a love you've never felt – and honestly it is," he grinned.

Last month, Jake admitted he was struggling with parenthood – and feared his newborn son hates him and shared his struggles with sleep deprivation.

The star, who documents all aspects of his life since becoming a dad on Instagram, shared a photo of himself cuddling up with the sleeping baby as he looked at the camera.

He captioned the pic: "Honest post…. I am so tired right now, I think it’s sleep deprivation but I keep thinking Leo hates me, he won’t settle for me Half as good as he does for Soph, burping is still a nightmare but I’ve managed a few now, my heart is so full but I’m also very emotional and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard, I worry about every little thing is his breathing ok?

"Is he sleeping too much, is he eating enough, is that a new noise he’s making, What’s that little rash?

"He’s the most precious thing ever I love him so much, I’m trying really hard, it’s amazing watching how good @sophie__church is with him, I hope I’m helping aswell!

"Being a parent isn’t easy at all, but what a wonderful journey and this is just the beginning, can’t wait for him to smile and laugh and sit up, crawl and walk, his first words!! So much to look forward to!!

"But right now a few hours sleep wouldn’t go a miss!! Love you little man".

Despite his worries, Jake told The Sun in March that he's already planning another child.

The Dancing On Ice winner said he would love a baby girl with Sophie, who is already mother to Fred, seven, from a previous relationships.

Jake said: "Being a dad is the best feeling in the whole world. Leo is the most beautiful, loved, special boy in the world. I can't explain how much I love him.

"I imagine we will try for a little girl after a year or so because I don't want to leave too much of an age gap. I know Soph would love a little girl and so would I. It would just complete our family."

Jake revealed the arrival of baby Leo had been even more emotional after the death of his dad Paul, in 2008, and brother Oliver, 2012, to cancer.

"We've had a lot of years of having people and things taken away from us', Jake said.

"This baby is instead adding to the family and making it bigger again. It's exciting to be adding another Quickenden to the family rather than losing one."

The final episode of Celebrity Bumps: Famous and Pregnant airs tonight at 8pm on MTV!

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