Jake Quickenden reveals he plans to propose to his girlfriend Sophie before leaving her and baby Leo for 6 months

JAKE Quickenden has revealed he's planning to propose to his girlfriend Sophie Church before he sets sail on a cruise ship.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun the former X Factor star, 32, said he's looking for the "perfect moment" to get down on one knee in front of his girlfriend of almost three years.

"I probably would have already have done it this year if we hadn’t been in lockdown," Jake tells us.

"But we’ve been stuck in and I want it to be nice and I want it to be a surprise and stuff."

Jake also has a special role in mind for his 10-week-old son Leo and Sophie's six-year-old son Freddie from a previous relationship

"I would love to do it with Leo there and Freddy there," Jake said.

"Definitely it’s on the cards, when I don’t know but it’s something else to look forward to, especially as we are coming out of lockdown it will give us something to really look forward to when I do it."

The couple's relationship will be put to the test when Jake's six month stint singing on a cruise ship can finally go ahead.

The crooner's European cruise was booked for last year but was cancelled when coronavirus swept the globe.

"It's a six months contract and it will be two weeks on, one week off, three weeks on, two weeks off," he explained.

"I’m just waiting for it to get all back up so I can sing with a band and enjoy myself and again it’s something I’ve not done before, it will something really nice to try and see if I like it."

Jake says Sophie is "used to" him going away on tour for months.

"It’s probably going to be harder for me going away now because of Leo but again we’ll make it work," he said.

"There is FaceTime and stuff like that, it won’t be longer than three weeks at a time.

"So we’ll make it work and I’ll just have to make it extra special for when I’m home."

The Sun first revealed they were dating in June 2018.

Their romance followed his fling with Love Island star Darylle after he broke off his engagement to Danielle Fogarty.

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