Jeremy Clarkson details impact farming show had on Kaleb Cooper Its gone to his head

Jeremy Clarkson discusses the success Clarkson's farm

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As Jeremy Clarkson got to grips with owning and running his Cotswolds farm, he was assisted by Kaleb and Gerald Cooper. The pair explained how to carry out basic tasks on the farm and viewers loved watching The Grand Tour host as he encountered a number of problems. With Kaleb putting Jeremy firmly in his place on a number of occasions, he quickly amassed a fan base. The presenter has now claimed all of the attention has gone to his co-star’s head.

Joining Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, Jeremy explained: “He’s on holiday. He’s never had a holiday before but it’s all gone to his head.

“He’s just sent me a text saying you sound hungover.”

Addressing his colleague and co-star directly, Jeremy exclaimed: “Kaleb I know you’re listening, nothing has died, yet.”

Zoe began laughing as her guest continued: “Everything is just as he left it, I have’t done anything wrong.”

While nothing has gone wrong while Kaleb enjoys a well-deserved break at the seaside, Jeremy admitted working on the farm has been hard.

He remarked: “You’re working 400 hours a month for very little pay to produce food for people who think you are trying to kill them.

“It’s incredibly hard work, the money is terrible but I love it.”

Recalling one particularly happy moment, Jeremy recalled: “The cows got out three of four days ago, the mist was just above the ground.

“As I led them through the forest, all the leaves were gold, red and brown.

“I just thought, ‘This is pretty perfect.’ It was an unbelievable thing to do.”

Following the release of Clarkson’s Farm, thousands of fans have descended on Jeremy’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop.

However, he is yet to welcome his Grand Tour co-stars.

He explained: “I have named one of the fields after James, but not in a nice way.

“They have been here in the past, they blew my house up.

“But not since it was a farm, James has been off filming his show but I haven’t seen Richard for ages.”

Jeremy’s appearance on Radio 2 comes after he admitted he “thinks about dying every day”.

He told The Guardian: “I used to think I’d put out my last cigarette age 107 and just die. But I stopped smoking four years ago.

“When my dad died at 61, I thought, ‘That’s a pretty good innings.’ Now I’m 61, if I died, I’d be furious, I’m nowhere near finished.”

Clarkson’s Farm is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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