Jon & Kate Gosselin's daughter Mady, 20, slams fan who demands she wear a mask as she poses for selfie with roommates

JON and Kate Gosselin's daughter Mady slammed a fan who demandedshe wear a mask after she posed for selfie with her college roommates.

The 20-year-old is attending Syracuse University in New York City and took to Instagram on Thursday to share the snap with three of her friends.

In the post, the reality TV star was seen pouting for the camera and captioned it: "guys don’t roast me for the duck lips it’s a reflex".

Although Mady is bubbling with her roommates amid the Covid pandemic, she was targeted by a nasty fan, who claimed she should be wearing a mask in the pic.

They sarcastically penned under the photo: "Nice mask".

In response to the comment, the TLC star wrote: "no need to wear masks with people i live with :)".

Mady's response comes a week after she admitted she is worried about "burdening her friends" as her parents' bitter feud rages on.

The college student recorded a new video of herself repeating: "Bestie, I'm afraid to asked you this."

On the screen, she has written: "Me asking my friends for any small favor because I always feel like I'm burdening them."

Mady captioned the TikTok video: "Please tell me this is a universal experience or do I need to seek therapy?"

The Kate Plus 8 star has taken the voice clip from a viral video called I'm Afraid To Ask You Tiktoshh, by a user called Breezysmamager.

But followers of Mady have been quick to relate it to Kate, 45, and 43-year-old Jon's ongoing feud.

One wrote: "It's common but in my case it's the product of walking on eggshells with my family growing up. Therapy is great though. I think everyone should try it."

Another added: "Pretty sure you should seek therapy, but I also think it's common."

A third simply said: "It's cause of your childhood trauma."

Following their divorce in 2009, Kate and Jon embarked on an epic custody battle over their eight children.

More recently, they have been in a constant argument of who should have sole custody of the six younger children, as the eldest – Mady and Cara – are now over 18, in college and can make their own decisions on the matter.

Kate currently has Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel living with her, while Hannah and Collin live with Jon.

The family's show was ripped from TLC in 2019, after Kate was accused of not getting her ex-husband's permission to shoot with some of the children ahead of time.

She was reportedly fired after allowing her then 15-year-olds to be filmed for the October 2019 Kate Plus Date special, despite a judge previously mandating she first get permission from their father.

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