Jordan says he ‘doesn’t regret’ ‘cheating’ on Anna and denies he’s fake insisting they will be friends after leaving Love Island – The Sun

LOVE Island's Jordan Hames has defiantly said he has "no regrets" about betraying Anna Vakili and insist he isn't fake – while also claiming he and his ex will be 'friends' after the villa.

Speaking to The Sun Online following his and Anna's dumping from the villa last night, Jordan admitted that while he made 'mistakes' in how he handled his feelings for India Reynolds, he isn't regretful about his behaviour.

The 24 year-old model, who made moves on India less than 48 hours after asking Anna, 29, to be his girlfriend, said: "I don’t regret anything that I have done in the villa because everything that I have done was based on how I was feeling at that time.

"Your emotions can change quick."

As for Anna branding his behaviour "the worst in Love Island history", he blamed the 'enhanced environment' of the villa.

The male model explained: "I feel like in the Love Island villa it’s an enhanced environment.

"You are in this gold fish bowl and sometimes you can find yourself making rash decisions."

He continued: "But everything that I have done is based on how I was feeling at that time but because it’s an enhanced reality, you can find yourself acting on emotions that you are feeling at that time."

He went on to stress that he wasn't faking his feelings for the pharmacist, despite Anna telling The Sun Online that she didn't think he was genuine.

Jordan said: "Anna is a beautiful girl and has a lot of the traits I was looking for, so when I asked her to be my girlfriend that was 100% how I was feeling. I was loyal to Anna the whole way through. If I was fake I wouldn't have stayed loyal in Casa Amor and I wouldn't have made her my girlfriend.

He went on: "I understand I haven’t gone about it in the right way but I apologise for that. I am only human and I make mistakes. I am sure I am not the only person in the world to have made mistakes. I feel like if I could do it again I would speak to Anna first."

And while Anna has said she wants nothing to do with Jordan now they are out, he still believes they can salvage a friendship.

Asked if they could be friends in the future, he revealed: "Yeah I feel like since we have left the villa, we are civil but a lot has happened, so I think we will go our separate ways. But there is no bad energy between us now."

Jordan added that, even if Anna has a change of heart in the future, he doesn't think there relationship would be worth another go.

"I think based on everything that has happened, me and Anna are best of as friends," he reasoned. "In the future we will be civil with each other and see where it goes from there."

Opinion has been divided about how Anna reacted to Jordan speaking to India, but Jordan doesn't feel annoyed about the way his former girlfriend gave it to him with both barrels.

"I know she is a feisty character so I was expecting her to react that way," he told us. She would have reacted in that way whether I had spoken to her first or India first. For me, I would want to sit down and talk it out but people handle situations differently and I can’t blame her for flying off the handle."

As for whether he felt India led him on by flirting with him, Jordan doesn't lay any blame at India's door, but does acknowledge that viewers don't see the whole picture.

"We got on as friends and I feel like we had a lot in common but I don’t think she led me on, not at all," he said, but added that a lot happens off camera.

"You guys only see an hour of the show and there are obviously 24 hours in a day," Jordan revealed. "You only see a bite-sized piece of villa life. We have a lot of downtime, you get to know other people. It was just a case of me seeing something in India. She wanted to get involved in the villa games and we bounced each other well and had good banter."

While speculation was rife on twitter that the producers were the ones who encouraged Jordan to make a play for India, he insists it was all his own doing with no outside influence.

"Everything that I [did] was based on how I felt at that time," he said, before claiming that he doesn't know what he would have done if India had reciprocated his feelings rather than friend-zoning him.

"To be honest with you, I hadn’t even thought that far ahead," he admits. "I didn’t think as far as that at all. My feelings for India surprised and confused me, because I had just made Anna my girlfriend."

As for whether he wanted to split with Anna, he simply said:"That was something that I would have dealt with once I had spoken to India."

The Manchester lad also claimed he doesn't bear any ill will towards Curtis Pritchard, who exposed his feelings for India to Maura.

"I don't blame Curtis at all," Jordan stressed. "I am a 24 yo man and I make my own decisions. I am taking full responsibility for my own actions. I am not the only person in the world to have made a mistake but I am man enough to own up to it."

Unsurprisingly, Jordan's actions in recent days have seen him become the subject of a lot of hatred from viewers on twitter. Even Anna's sister Mandi got involved, comparing him to cartoon ogre Shrek, a comment she later apologised for.

"I haven’t had my phone back so I haven’t seen anything to be honest," he said when asked about the reaction. "It feels good to be out and I am ready to get back to the real world and see my family."

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