Kady McDermott fumes ‘make it make sense’ as Molly Marsh makes brutal dig

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    Love Island fans beg Kady McDermott to go back into the villa for a third time – to confront Molly Marsh.

    Once she left the villa, Molly made a few digs about Kady, such as how pleased she was that Ella B returned and not her.

    Molly said the decision "did her a favour" as she implied it was a good thing for her and Zachariah that she went home.

    Though fans thought it was interesting that Molly never confronted Kady in person and was always "nice to her face".

    They also noticed that Molly smirked after host Maya Jama announced she was in the bottom three couples, before inevitably getting the boot with Ouzy.

    One fan tweeted: "Oii @LoveIsland after seeing mollys smirks and that, run @kadymcdermottx back ONE MORE TIME!! #LoveIsland"

    Though Kady had noticed something even more bizarre and replied: "Whilst she was wearing my bikini, make it make sense".

    Other fans on Twitter also spoke up, with one writing: "Molly talking the biggest s*** now that Kady is gone? knowing damn well she would never say that to her face."

    A second added: "Kady eat her up at the reunion x #loveisland"

    While a third penned: "'You’ve done me a favour' Molly everyone knew you were fake crying the last few days because of Kady it’s no secret #LoveIsland"

    "Molly when she found out Kady was in the bottom 3 #loveisland," another fan said as they posted a smirking face.

    Kady left the villa on Tuesday night (July 18) alongside Ouzy, after Whitney and Lochan chose them to leave over Ella B and Mitch.

    Some of the other Islanders all seemed to have an issue with this though and took to Twitter to share their opinion.

    One said: "WHY WOULD WHITNEY & LOCHAN GIVE KADY A THIRD CHANCE TO BE IN THAT VILLA? She was in 2016, fumbled the bag, came in this season, fumbled the bag again by making no major contributions, why would they give her a third life line? Use ur brains #loveisland"

    A second added: "Why are these islanders so PRESEED that they sent Kady and Ouzy home? At the end of the day, it was a WHITNEY & LOCHAN DECISION not an Islanders decision DEAL WITH IT."

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