Karen Hauer admits Strictly is a lot to throw at new boyfriend – but hes loving it

Strictly Come Dancing is undoubtedly the biggest show on television of the moment, and over the years it’s seen countless well-known celebrities waltz their way to dance success.

But the talented professionals who put them through their paces in the training room have also earned a well-deserved home in our hearts – including longest serving dancer Karen Hauer.

Here, in OK!’s exclusive and glamorous photoshoot, we get to know Karen, 39, even more, as she opens up on the advice she was given by her partner Greg Wise’s actress wife Emma Thompson and finding romance with new boyfriend Jordan Jones Williams.

Hi, Karen. How are things going this series?

It’s absolutely brilliant. I’ve worked Greg hard so we’re really tired, but I’ve loved it.

Emma Thompson has appeared on the show a couple of times. What was it like to meet her?

She’s a beautiful human being and they’re gorgeous together. She told me that he’s here to do the work and he’s a really good student – which is true!

When asked about the Strictly curse, Emma laughed it off and said she’d put some condoms in Greg’s good luck card…

That’s brilliant! Everyone has their own journey on Strictly but ours is about family support. The fact they can joke about things like that shows how light and fun everything is between them.

We’ve got to ask about the true loves of your life – your dogs!

[Laughs] I was away for three weeks with the other pros, so I had to leave the dogs. When I came home my eldest, Betsy, did a revenge poop on my new carpet! I was not happy about that, but I knew she was telling me, “Don’t leave me for that long again!”

Are they pleased to see you when you get home from rehearsals?

They jump all over me and then we fall asleep together. I have both Marley and Betty in the bed and we literally push my boyfriend Jordan out.

That’s a lovely unit to come home to…

It’s so nice. Greg and I have such a good balance and we make sure we reset properly. We do the work and then go home to our families.

Has Jordan supported you through the series so far?

He has. It can be hard because it’s his first time experiencing all of this with me. It’s a big thing to throw at someone who’s new to a world that I’ve been living in for the past 10 years. I mean, it’s difficult enough when you’re in the business, but he isn’t so it’s a bit like, “Oh my God. What is happening?”

You’ve got great friends in the show as well. We know how close you are to Oti Mabuse. Have you been able to spend much time together?

It’s very tricky because we’re all in our bubbles, but we send each other air hugs and text the funniest things. I love her to bits and we’ve become closer and closer throughout the years. It’s so nice that I have the support of friends like Oti, and she has my support as well.

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