Katherine Ryan vows spicy Ready To Mingle will fill Love Island shaped hole

Comedian Katherine Ryan has vowed that her brand-new ITV2 dating show Ready To Mingle will provide the "intimacy, crying and rowing" that Love Island provided in the summer months.

Love Island fans were left devastated last month, as the series finally drew to a close, with Millie Court and Liam Reardon crowned winners.

But they'll be pleased to note that Katherine believes her new dating show will "fill the Love Island shaped hole" in our lives as it heads to our screens this week.

The show sees singleton Sophia Maria meet 12 different guys who are all vying for her attention – but some are truly looking for love, while others are in it for the £50,000 prize.

It's Sophia's job to work out which is which.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Katherine said: "It's definitely spicy, and it's going to be great to watch – filling that Love Island shaped hole every night."

Katherine said she's "annoyed" by reality show contestants simply entering for brand partnerships – and hopes Ready To Mingle will help combat that problem.

The stand-up explained: "It's all about consent and about disclosure, and it takes away some of the dishonesty that I've come to get annoyed by in reality shows. I think a lot of them are there to get a branding deal. I think a lot of them are there and they already have partners.

"A lot of them are not there for love. This puts it all on the table and says, 'Some of us aren't here for love – some of us want to hustle you!'"

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She added: "There's some intimacy. There's some crying – more than a few people cry. There was some unexpected rowing between the boys."

Katherine went on to add that the lads were just as surprised among themselves as to who was lying about being single and just in it for the money.

"It taught me a lot about men and male friendships. I think in a lot of cases the boys were taken aback when they found out someone had a partner, even more than Sophia was, because they had trust in their group of boys.

"There were some hurt feelings about that."

The lads who already have partners will get them involved in the show format, too – and Katherine says they play a pretty big role.

"The partners were pushing their boys to go and pull this girl, but when the boys followed their partners' advice, kissed her, maybe went on a date with her, maybe told her a lie – the partners were mostly taken aback.

"Like, 'Oh my God, my boyfriend's a really good liar'. A lot of them were surprised by their own reactions during a game that they wanted to play."

Speaking of her own husband Bobby, Katherine laughed: "I think if I watched Bobby lie to a girl, I wouldn't like it! But if he was a crap liar I'd be happy."

Katherine has been busy in both her professional and personal life, having just welcomed her second child, Frederick, in June this year.

"Fred is such an easy, happy baby," she confessed. "He does have his moments where he gets a little screechy, but I'm really lucky – I'm 38 and I have a wonderful husband and we're equals.

"But that was not my experience with my daughter [Violet]. I was 25 and didn't know what was going on. It's true what they say – your second child is easier."

There are some shocks that have come with having a newborn and a 12-year-old at the same time, however.

"My daughter is super portable," Katherine explained. "I think you forget newborn days really quickly, and although there's been a lockdown and travel restrictions we also feel like we're in our own mini lockdown on top of that, because we can't just leave the house like we used to.

"We don't have the freedom to just walk out the door. We really have to consider naptimes and bedtimes.

"Violet is 12, but I mean, 12 year olds are 12 going on 25 now, so she was just a friend that would come anywhere with me. Now I'm a bit taken aback by the newborn phase but very grateful to have him!" she added.

Katherine has partnered up with recipe box company Guosto in order to bring new cultures and food to the UK – without a passport.

With travel restrictions in place, the nation’s foodies are instead invited to join Katherine and radio DJ Nick Grimshaw to take their tastebuds on a ride at an exclusive London event.

Discussing her own eating habits, Katherine confessed: "I would not be able to travel with a picky British eater who would just have fish fingers wherever they go.

"You have to get adventurous and you have to try the spice and the street food. It’s part of the whole experience for me – even just walking around and taking all of that in, it’s a big part of the travel for me."

She added: "The fact that Gousto are partnering up with Flavourlust for their event – they make these immersive experiences so it’s not just about the food.

"There’s storytelling and mischief making and all these different performers and you're really going to feel like it’s the next best thing to being able to travel!"

Ready To Mingle airs nightly from 9:30pm on ITV2.

Experience the world’s most iconic street food markets – no passport required. Gousto’s immersive Flavourlust event takes place on 17th & 18th September in London. Limited tickets available for £15 at flavourlust.eventbrite.co.uk. Follow the campaign via @GoustoCooking #Flavourlust

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