Katie Price Reveals ‘Crisis Point’ Which Led to Decision to Have Son Live in a Residential College

Katie Price is opening up about why she decided it was best for her 18-year-old son Harvey to live at a residential college.

"The crisis point was the point that my windows were getting smashed every morning because he wanted to be with me," she said in an interview on BBC's Radio 4 Women's Hour on Thursday.

"He knew, because he was big and strong, that he'd smash a window and then the driver wouldn't have him in the car because he'd go and smash the windscreen of the car, or he'd start attacking the driver," she said.

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She added, "He'd do that because he knew if he did that, he'd be at home with me because they wouldn't take him to school."

Price, 42, spoke out earlier this month about looking for a residential college for the teen, which she hopes will teach him to be able to live a more independent life.

As they prepare for the move, Price has been sharing their journey on social media. Earlier this week, Price shared a video of Harvey trying out his new bed for college.

The video shows Harvey walking into his room and lying down on the new mattress.

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"What do you think of your bed?" Price asks Harvey.

"I love it!" he responds.

Price has raised her son, who has autism and was born with septic optic dysplasia — a rare disorder that affects brain function, hormones and vision — largely as a single mother. Due to his autism, he can sometimes lash out unpredictably, especially if he hears loud noises, Price said.

"You hear about people with autism being arrested and when they're restrained they go mad and get sectioned," she told The Sun. "That's why I want to find the right college for him so if there's ever a case where he kicks off, I'm involved."

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