Kerry Katona reveals life-changing health diagnosis after being ‘out of action’ and in ‘so much pain’ | The Sun

KERRY Katona has opened up about receiving a life-changing health diagnosis after being "out of action".

The 42-year-old star has revealed that she has been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips.

She also told fans about her recent discovery that she has a bulging disc and a fractured coccyx.

The Atomic Kitten legend struggled to walk on a treadmill today, and groaned in pain as she told fans of her health news.

The TV star revealed the stiffness and swelling in her joints had left her in agony, as she exercised in a bid to lose weight.

Kerry said: "So I've been out of action because I hurt my back and my hips. So I have arthritis in my hips. Bear with me.


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"Trying to do a workout, my hips are killing, so I'm not pushing it …

"I get these shooting pains in my legs like I'm getting an electric shock. And my god it really really hurts."

She went on: "I'm trying to train and my left hip is really really tight in that joint, to the point I have been in tears. Crying. Like in so much….

"Imagine a fly, and you want to pull its wings off, that's what I want you to do, pull my legs off, that's the pain I've been feeling, it's been horrendous. Horrendous. I had a massage, and I could not move. So I have literally stayed in bed."

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The singer and TV star has been in agony for years with chronic pain.

Kerry has had a number of health issues. In 2017 she needed an injection for her "trigger finger".

The painful condition affects the hand’s tendons and makes it difficult to bend, with symptoms including pain at the base of fingers of thumbs, stiffness and clicking.

The mum-of-five was so fearful for her condition in December that she raced into A&E.

The star told the latest edition of New magazine: "I'm really swollen and it hasn't got any better. I ended up going to A&E as I was so worried about it.

"They've told me that they need to investigate further.

"So for now, my doctor at Pall Mall Cosmetics has given me some water tablets which will hopefully help with the swelling."

She added: "My body has been swollen since I had surgery last year. My whole body is sore and puffy – my legs, my stomach, my face, my neck. I feel like I need popping."

Kerry – whose book Whole Again was recently released – has had many procedures over the years including several boob jobs and reductions, liposuction as well as a tummy tuck.

In a recent episode of the Net Mums podcast she reflected on why she's gone under the knife so many times.

The singer said: "I started out as a page 3 model, I had a great set of t**s on me. I wasn’t going to be a rocket scientist – that was my get out, I was a pretty girl, I used what god gave me.

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