'Killer' Rocky's role in deadly EastEnders fire 'revealed'

A deadly fire is set to rip through Walford in upcoming EastEnders scenes, and new spoilers suggest that Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) may have something to do with it.

Rocky and wife Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) have been struggling for money since his ex-wife Jo (Vicki Michelle) bulldozed her way through their quiet life together.

After handing over £50,000 to keep her quiet about Rocky’s bigamy, Kathy has been left with nothing, something which Rocky is determined to change – though he perhaps doesn’t quite go about it in the right way.

In upcoming scenes, Kathy quizzes Rocky on why his contribution to their loan repayments hasn’t hit her account yet, and he is quick to stall her by – you guessed it – lying.

As if he’s learnt nothing about the importance of honesty within this relationship especially, he tells her a whopping fib that Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has yet to give him his wages.

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With Kathy temporarily off his back, he heads to the bookies to put down a bet in the hopes of winning what he owes.

He is soon joined by Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman), who is completely unaware of how high the stakes are for ocky.

The next day, Harvey starts to grow concerned when he spots Rocky heading back to the bookies, but Rocky is quick to shrug it off, laughing as he assures him that it’s just a bit of fun. However, desperate Rocky later heads back to put on a £100 bet.

When his horse comes in and leaves him a winner, Harvey is jealous of his good fortune, but his concern grows once more when he realises that Rocky has gone to place even more bets.

Harvey urges him to be careful and Rocky swears he won’t go back, but when boxing promoter Dorian encourages him to bet on an upcoming fight, promising some serious cash prizes, he is tempted.

When Dorian approaches Rocky and Harvey about the Pie, Pint and Punch Up night, they turn him down, though it isn’t long before Rocky, armed with a tip from George Knight (Colin Salmon), heads over to place a large bet.

Harvey soon realises what he’s up to and heads after him, admonishing him for breaking their agreement and putting so much on the line. Rocky assures him that all will work out, but is he just kidding himself?

With Rocky needing a huge pay out and fast, could he be set to switch from gambling and back to his old, conman ways.

With Kathy’s café set to mysteriously catch fire this autumn, does Rocky have something to do with it? Will he set Kathy’s beloved business on fire in the hopes of cashing in on a huge insurance pay out?

And with Brian Conley set to leave the show, will this be the catalyst to Rocky’s exit?

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