Killing Eve's Jodie Comer looks worlds away from Villanelle as she snogs Ryan Reynolds in new film Free Guy

KILLING Eve actress Jodie Comer swapped her billowing dresses for a shirt, braced and leather gloves as she gave co-star Ryan Reynolds a snog in their new movie Free Guy.

The Liverpudlian-born star looked unrecognisable with reddish-black hair and huge glasses accessorising her formal attire.

Jodie, 27, plays Molotov Girl, who helps Ryan's banker character when he realises he has been living in a video game that is soon to be axed.

Yet it looks like they are much more than friends as they enjoy a snog in a brightly-painted alleyway.

Initially, the pair are seen in the office, with Ryan's character Guy wearing a smart blue shirt.

Jodie's sassy-looking character takes a stroll outside and it's then when they reunite in the less-than-romantic outdoor surroundings, with a clothes line for a backdrop.

Molotov Girl pulls Guy's collar to draw him in for a kiss as she stands pushed back against the wall.

After their embrace, he then cups her face in his hands as he stares into her eyes.

The pair began filming The Truman Show-style flick, by Shawn Levy, in Boston.

Jodie's appearance comes amid her meteoric rise to fame thanks to her role as a beautiful assassin in the BBC's Killing Eve – yet her wardrobe is clearly very different from the couture dresses and bold colours that Villanelle covets.

Former Doctor Foster star Jodie has previously told how she feels "self conscious" when she's required to be sexy – as seen in the Free Guy scenes.

The actress opened up about having confidence issues and said she feels most comfortable when wearing "no make-up and bruises" on-set.

Jodie explained to Allure Magazine: "It’s like the moment you have to be sexy or attractive on screen, I become so self-conscious."

She added: "Whereas if I’ve got no makeup on and I’ve got a bruise on my face, I’m like, 'Let’s go.' You know? But that’s just me."


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