Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Face Ellen's Burning Questions — Plus, Kylie Gives Away $250,000

Kylie shares what she tried to get away with in high school, while Stormi has to tackle the toughest question: “Who loves you the most?” — Her answer may shock you!

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire and she’s been feeling very generous during her partnership with Ellen DeGeneres for this week’s 17th season premiere of "Ellen." On Thursday’s show, she brought a single mother and her supportive daughter to tears with her generosity … not to mention the school the mom works at.

Further, she took some time from her busy schedule as one of the world’s youngest business moguls to answer Ellen’s "Burning Questions," and she even brought along Stormi Webster to help her out. In fact, Kylie put Stormi in the hot seat with a burning question of her own!

To make the segment even more fun, since Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t on hand to add her own humor, the talk show host had her team throw in lots of illustrations and animations to bring Kylie’s answers to life, which is why we can feel her pain when she was asked what the biggest mess Stormi has ever made was.

"Recently, she’s really into M&M’s. She gets the M&M’s and she melts them in her hands," Kylie answerd. Then turning to Stormi, she said. "And then you put them all over my white couch." Ouch!

For the record, Stormi was nonplussed and didn’t seem all that concerned. A rebel to the core, that one!

A lot of Kylie’s answers were all about love for her daughter. When asked what the best thing Travis Scott ever gave her, that answer was obvious. When asked what the funniest thing he does, it was all about how much Kylie loves watching him and Stormi play together. When asked who her dream collaborator would be, Kylie said her daughter.

And yet, when she asked Stormi, "Who loves you the most?" Stormi did not hesitate to say, "Daddy!"

"Every time," Kylie lamented. Isn’t that just the way.

At another point, she was asked what secret she kept from her parents in high school, but Ellen may have forgotten who Kylie’s parents were. Or perhaps more specifically, who her mother is.

"My mom goes to sleep really early and she wakes up really early so I only had until about 4 in the morning to sneak back into the house," Kylie explained. "I thought that I was being very secretive. Once I did that consecutively for like a week, she was like, ‘I need to talk to you today.’ She sat me down and she was like, ‘I’ve heard you come home every single morning for the past week at four in the morning. This needs to stop.’"

The lesson of that day, and probably so many others. "I can’t really keep any secrets from Kris Jenner."

Kylie was also randomly asked what Travis Scott smells like. At first, it didn’t seem like she could come up with much as she noted he showers daily so, "he smells like fresh shower." She then tacked on cologne.

But it was only after answering a different question that Kylie came back to this one and added with a wicked grin, "Wait! He also smells like weed a lot."

In a different segment, Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner helped her surprise a deserving young woman who dropped out of college to help her own mother, who is a single mother and struggling teacher in an under-privileged district in the Bronx. After treating the daughter to a tour of her business empire, and giving her a makeover, Kylie started handing out checks.

First, she surprised the mom’s school with a check for $50,000 to help them better serve their kids. But it was the gifts she gave next that really brought the tears, and we don’t just mean from the women on camera. Kylie poured her generosity into $100,000 each for both mother and daughter so the daughter can get back into school and they can relax a little bit in their lives.

It was stunningly generous and a beautiful moment to watch. At least we think it was. It was kind of hard to see sometimes … must be some dust in the air, or allergies. Check it out — and see if you do better than us — in the video below:

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