Kylie Jenner slammed for sucking fingers at company’s office during coronavirus outbreak – The Sun

KYLIE Jenner is getting a lot of flack from fans for her latest social media post.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 22, posed for a photo in her company’s headquarters office while sucking on her “fecal fingers,” even amid the current coronavirus outbreak.

Her followers couldn’t believe she was careless with her own health, as well as others if she didn’t immediately wash her hands after the picture was taken.

One user wrote on Twitter: “Hand washing or not, it’s best to keep your fecal fingers outta ur mouth during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let's try 2 keep this contained people!”

Another told Kylie: “Ewe! Girl get your hand out cho mouth!!”

With another seconding that thought, writing: “Kylie girl, get your hands out cha damn mouth the Coronavirus is spreading”

A fourth questioned “what the hell” her headwear was supposed to be and wondered if it’s a “coronavirus shield.”

Others begged the Kylie Cosmetics founder to “donate some of [her] billion dollars to coronavirus testing plz.”

Kylie’s not the only one having trouble keeping her hands away from her face.

The Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco shared with her fans in her Thursday Cup of Cuoco vlog that she’s having the same issue.

After accidentally touching her chin, the actress, 34, said: “I shouldn’t touch my face! Corona! Ah!

“Don’t touch your face. Don’t touch your face! It’s so hard.

“Does anyone notice how many times you touch your face now that you’re being told not to touch your face?”

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