Laurie escapes prison and kills Sinead in Hollyoaks?

Laurie Shelby (Kyle Pryor) has made Sinead’s (Stephanie Davis) life a living hell in Hollyoaks over this past year, but the evil rapist isn’t ready to be locked up just yet. With Sinead determined to move on with her life and leave him in the past, could Laurie perhaps resort to extreme measures to exact revenge on his wife?

After causing chaos for Sienna (Anna Passey) at Hollyoaks High, Laurie proved just how vile he truly is when he raped Sinead in a sickening act of revenge earlier this year. Determined to get her justice, Sinead went to extreme lengths to get her attacker put behind bars, and — with help from Sienna, Diane (Alex Fletcher) and Sally (Annie Wallace) — she ultimately succeeded in doing so.

However, upon his arrest, Laurie made it clear to Sami (Rishi Nair) that he would stop at nothing to win Sinead round once more, and he’s made several attempts to do so already. With his trial imminent, he’s running out of time, and thus he sets about manipulating the situation to his advantage once more.

Sinead decides that she’d be better off not attending the trial, but she’s left disgusted when she reads a letter from her abuser, and as a result, she decides to pay him a visit in prison.

Later in the week, Laurie attends his trial, and he’s ultimately sentenced to four years in prison — something which Diane is relieved about, as she believes that Sinead’s nightmare is finally over.

Laurie’s brought to the police van to be escorted to prison and, shockingly, Finn (Keith Rice) is being transported in the same vehicle. The two men haven’t a clue as to who each other are, but, as they strike up a conversation, Finn is very open about his crimes — and he advises Laurie to admit to his. However, when Laurie mentions Sinead’s name, Finn tweaks on to who he is, and — unable to sit by and do nothing — he lunges towards Laurie, and an attack ensues.

What will happen as a result of the violence? Will Finn’s surprise attack be enough to take Laurie down once and for all? Or will Laurie get the upper hand and use this altercation to his advantage? The sound of a crash can be heard in the latest Hollyoaks trailer during a preview of this very scene, so could a road accident occur whilst the two men face off?

Contrary to Diane’s beliefs, this nightmare is far from over — and Sinead will no doubt be further upset as a result. With the young woman having proven to Laurie that she’s willing to let him rot, could he perhaps seek revenge on her by escaping?

One to watch: Monday 5th August at 7pm on E4.

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