Law and Order SVU season 23: Rollins and Carisi to begin relationship after Benson clue?

Law & Order: SVU season 22 trailer released by NBC

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As Rollins (played by Kelli Giddish) struggled with juggling her work life and her life as a single mother, former partner Carisi (Peter Scanavino) was always by her side for support. As filming for season 23 of Law and Order: SVU gets underway in New York, NBC viewers have spotted a major clue regarding the development of their relationship in the forthcoming season.

After pining for each other for years, Rollins and Carisi finally shared a kiss at Finn’s (Ice-T) wedding in the season 22 finale.

Carisi has recently been dating a woman named Nicole (Suzette Gunn) but the lawyer attended alone leading audiences to believe that he had broken up with his girlfriend.

Throughout the series, Carisi began to help out and formed a close bond with Rollins’ daughters Jesse and Billie, which led NBC viewers to hope that the pair growing closer means they will eventually get together.

A recent photo of Hargitay on set has got fans wondering if the two will finally get together in season 23 as it appears the upcoming season’s premiere will take place immediately after the wedding.

In the photo, Hargitay is seen on crutches after a recent foot injury but she is wearing the same navy floral dress she wore to the wedding.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to theorise that her outfit suggests there will be no time jump in the premiere and will follow the dramatic events of the wedding, specifically the kiss.

As fans have waited for years to see them together, the finale scene is too huge to ignore and hopefully will be explored more in the forthcoming season.

One fan was shocked at the sight of Benson in the dress, saying: “WHY IS SHE IN THE DRESS FROM THE LAST EPISODE!!!!!!!!! BROOOO.” (sic)

Another viewer wrote: “Yessss! Does that mean we’ll be able to see the progression of Rollins and Carisi’s relationship? It’s perfect!” (sic)

Someone else stated: “I’m thrilled it looks like they are picking it up from the night of the wedding!”

“OH S**T POST WEDDING?” a fourth fan wondered.

The comments continued with someone else writing: “She’s still wearing her dress from the wedding [heart eyes emoji].”

Fans continued to express their surprise and excitement at what the dress could mean.

Someone else commented: “Ok now I’m freaking the hell out because she’s using the same dress, oh my f***ing god.”

However, another viewer joked about Hargitay’s injury, saying: “So excited she’s still in her wedding attire!!!!

“Benson must have fell over watching Rollins and Carisi kiss! Hence the injury [wink emoji].” (sic)

Despite the kiss, fans are still wondering if Carisi is still with his girlfriend.

Though one Reddit user explained: “It seems out of Carisi’s character to kiss another woman while still technically in a relationship.”

So whether or not Carisi did break up with Nicole remains to be seen but one thing is clear, Carisi and Rollins won’t have an easy time once they enter into a relationship.

Actor Scanavino teased fans by telling TV Insider recently: “That relationship is very interesting. And we’ll see where that goes as well.”

Will Law and Order fans finally get the romance they’ve been waiting for after this major clue?

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is available to watch on NBC in the US. Season 22 is currently airing in the UK on Sky Witness, and is available to watch on Now TV as well.

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