Line of Duty star Polly Walker seen stripped naked in steamy drama Rome

LINE of Duty star Polly Walker looks immaculate in her police-regulation power suits as lawyer Gill Bigelow – but she wore a great deal less in steamy drama Rome.

The 52-year-old actress ditched her toga when she appeared in the racy historical hit as Julius Caesar’s manipulative niece.

She played Atia of the Julii in the first two series of big-budget Rome, where the character is seen using her sexuality to get her way.

And – like many characters in the show – she was called upon to take her clothes off, getting totally naked on screen on a number of occasions.

In one scene, she is seen wallowing in a Roman bath, before emerging to be dressed by waiting orderlies.

Her character, who is described as a “cheerfully amoral and opportunistic manipulator” is connected to all the big players in Rome.

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She first appeared in Line of Duty as Gill, the legal counsel to AC-12 in Line of Duty, appearing in the third series.

However, she has returned with a vengeance in the current fifth season, becoming such a big part of the story line many think she could turn out to be corrupt.

She was seen flirting over the breadsticks as she took hapless cop Ted out for dinner after he split from his wife.

But when Roisin Hastings wound up dead, many fans insisted she was going to frame Ted for his estranged wife’s murder.

And others says she could even turn out to be the shadowy ‘H’ at the centre of police corruption – with H standing for ‘Her’.

With the police drama’s latest episode airing tonight, we don’t have long to find out the latest twist in the tale for her character.