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LITTLE People Big World fans have slammed Tori Roloff for making a dangerous parenting decision in the latest episode.

The reality star let her 2-year-old daughter out of her sight after putting her in a high-risk situation and fans are not happy.

The 31-year-old placed her daughter on the counter and turned to get something out of the cabinet.

Lilah was sitting on the kitchen counter, unattended, with balloons and decorations around her for her birthday.

Tori then had her back turned towards Lilah as she sat down to talk to her husband's dad, Matt.

Lilah's grandfather and dad were in the same room, but they would have been too far to catch her if she fell.


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Matt talked to Tori about her morning sickness to try and defuse the tension between them.

She did turn around at one point to hand Lilah food but then turned her back towards her again.

Then, Jackson woke up from his nap and Tori put him on the counter to stand with his bare feet, but took him down very quickly.

Just as Matt was leaving, Tori turned to face her tot and told her to say goodbye to her grandpop and the toddler was not very happy.

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LPBW fans on Reddit were furious after they saw what happened and took to the platform to comment on it.

"Who the heck leaves a toddler sitting on a counter? with their back turned? my heart was in my throat this whole scene. maybe Lilah just doesn't move around but yikes!" they captioned the post.

The original poster also added a screenshot of the scene, in which Tori sat with her arms folded.

Many fans expressed their angry opinions on the platform.


Little People Big World watchers automatically slammed Tori for leaving her child unattended.

"My husband walked into the room during this scene and immediately asked why she was on the counter like that. My reply was that the Reddit sub will certainly have something to say about it, haha. When you’re ok doing stuff like this in front of cameras, imagine how bad it is when they aren’t there," said one fan.

"That scene made me really uncomfortable too. The whole time I don't think I listened to a word they said lol. I'm not sure if it was just editing but it also appeared she walked away and left Lilah there for a moment too. I could never have done that with my kids," another chimed in.

"I felt your anxiety," added a third.

Other fans were concerned she would fall because of how small she is.

"And she's so tiny! That would be a big fall for any toddler but especially an LP baby," they said.

"Thought the same thing. I was like umm I hope she has good balance," wrote another fan.

Many people said they thought it was lazy parenting on Tori's part.


This is not the first time Tori and Zach have been slammed for bad parenting.

Last month, the reality TV show couple let Lilah play and crawl in the street while they were outside.

They kept an eye on her but were preoccupied with a conversation about the family's future.

Again, fans went to Reddit to express their disgust for their "lazy parenting."

"Pick your baby up off the street. What is wrong with them?" said one user.

"Babies always swing their big heads around. One swing and she's gonna smack her head on the concrete face-first," another critic mentioned.

A third chimed in, "I have had a toddler, and I didn’t allow her to crawl all over the dirty cement where people walk, drive, and pets pee and poop."

Many other fans said they would never let their child crawl around in the street.

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Tori and Zach are also parents to Jackson, 5, and Josiah, who they welcomed back in April.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on TLC.

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