Long Lost Family fans devastated as daughter is cruelly denied a reunion with her mum because of coronavirus

LONG Lost Family fans have been left devastated after a daughter was cruelly denied a reunion with her mum because of coronavirus.

Yasika Fernando, 31, was separated from her biological mother when she was just two and a half months old after being born in Sri Lanka.

Yasika was adopted and grew up in London, but at 18, her adoptive parents sat her down and explained how she was adopted from a convent at a time when adoption numbers were high in Sri Lanka due to civil war, poverty and cultural attitudes.

However, the Long Lost Family team quickly realised Yasika's case wouldn't be straightforward, and that they would need a local expert to help check if her birth records were correct or if they had been falsified.

In a further twist, Yasika would only be able to find out any information in person, and so she made the 5,000 mile journey to Sri Lanka.

Once there, the fixer helped Yasika find out that her documents were real before she was taken to the convent where her adoption took place.

With no current address for her birth mother, Yasika had to return to the UK, only to be told a nun at the convent had found her birth grandmother, who in turn gave the nun the contact details for her birth mother, who was desperate to meet her.

A tearful Yasika told host Davina McCall: "Oh my god this is the best news I’ve ever had. I feel so light now."

However, her plans to reunite with her mother during a second trip to Sri Lanka were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic causing all flights to be cancelled.

The mother and daughter had to make do with meeting via a video call, but Yasika said: "I'm not able to meet my birth mother at this time. I haven't seen her still.

"Once I'm able to travel and they say it's okay I will definitely make that trip."

Viewers were gutted that Yasika didn't get to have her long awaited reunion with her mother in person.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Yasika’s story [crying emoji]. Really hope she gets to meet her birth mum in person post Covid."

Another added: "Cruel, cruel fate for Yasika, not being able to make the trip. But a wonderful outcome."

A third tweeted: "Loved this weeks #LongLostFamily, I was wondering when covid would show itself in the stories. So happy that Yasika still got to reconnect with her birth mother."

Long Lost Family continues on Monday, February 8 at 9pm on ITV.

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